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Monday, April 23, 2012

A Happy Wife Will Give The Message

When Jack wrote about all his jobs it included driving a Roach Coach. That reminded me of Mel driving a panel truck. He was allowed to drive it home to take service calls in the middle of the night or week-ends but he wasn't allowed to use it for personal use. He never broke the rules. He wouln't even go to the convience store for a loaf of bread in the company truck. This picture was borrowed from Photobucket and looks very similiar to the one Mel drove. The shade of yellow was not quite this bright and of course the lettering on the side was the company Mel worked for back in the 50's. I would go with him on service calls and sit in the truck unless the owner of the business invited me in which they did sometime. I think they thought a "happy wife" will always give service call messages. His work truck didn't have a passenger seat so Mel put a wooden box for me to sit on. When the first baby came along we used the landlady's wicker clothes basket for her to ride in. No seat belts or baby car seats back then. As the girls got bigger we would all go sometime if the call was out of town. I would devise things for them to do while we waited. Snacks, coloring, stories and such. Mel was a very good Commercial Refrigeration Mechanic so it didn't usually take all that long. Once we went to a small town and it was only supposed to take one day and night but it took longer. We stayed in a motel next to where he was working. I don't remember any air conditioning and there were Dirt Daubers everywhere. Another time the small town was having a celebration and we could watch the parade from the truck. At times he worked for a man who raised orchids. He would cut little wholes in the bottom of a card board box and stick it full of the little vials of water with an orchid in each one. Mel worked for him bacause he had a soda fountain in his house and needed some repair from time to time. Another man managed the swimming pools in San Antonio. In the summer the snack bars needed a repairman and time was money so he tried to keep me and the girls happy with cotton candy and drinks while Mel worked.


Jill said...

Such wonderful memories! I used to ride along on my brother's milk route and sat on an empty milk crate. Those were the good old days!

DD said...

I like nothing better then reliving old memories. Another good post, Paula.

TexWisGirl said...

such great memories.

Chatty Crone said...

It's good to think back and remember at times. sandie

Lucy said...

Wonderful post, Paula. Happy memories. I hope that is all that I will be thinking of soon if this pain ever goes away. It will go, but when.

jack69 said...

I have to reluctantly agree with Lucy!!! hahahahaha

This is a very good post. I love to read about past lives and the neat things people made do with.
yeah, it is the kind of thing that shows love, and makes life exciting. I know you miss Mel still. BUT we love the stories!!!!

Kath said...

Great Story once again Paula,and like the others have said.I love to look back and remember old times.Memories are wonderful.My sister was a rep at one time and when we only had one child each.She used to take me with her,I kept the Kiddies entertained like you, whilst she called where she had to, on her rounds.It was chaeaper for her than a babysitter and we got our outings free LOL!!.Killed two birds with one stone so to speak.It was fun too,The kids loved it.Much better than me being in at home,looking after them.Thanx for sharing your memories today.Iv'e not been too good this morning,went back to bed,butI feel a little better right now.So I thought I better do some catch up,whilst I do. LOL!! Have a great Hump day. Take Care God Bless.xx

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey enjoyed reading about your early life. Such nice memories.
We did back then and sometimes now what we had to do to get things done. Like sitting on a box going down the road. Love the story
Have a wonderful week

Martha said...

Sounds like good times Paula. What's going on with your blood platelet count? You have me worried!