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Friday, June 8, 2012

The air was so cool and fresh at the ranch early this morning but by ten it was too hot. New renters are moving in and the son spent the night out there alone so I guess he isn't a city sissy. I wonder if he heard any coyotes in the night. There were black birds everywhere. Never seen so many out there and the roadrunners have been absent lately. We are seeing a cottontail or two lately so I hope they are building up their count again. New renters have promised not to shoot animals. A couple more baby calves born. That makes 21 or 22 now. John has started irrigating the field in front of the house to make green grass for the cows to eat and beat the hot summer. The new renters are lucky for that too as when we lived out there the field was plowed and when the wind blew the sand came straight to the house and inside around the air/conditioners and under the doors to make it hard to keep clean. Nice week-end to anyone reading this.


TexWisGirl said...

we have sandy soil here (compared to mostly clay in our previous area) but it does lend to dusty furniture!

glad the renters are moving in!

jack69 said...

I hate that when the wind blows the sand in every little crack.

Glad the renters are getting moved in, Hope they are great and take care of John's place.

Nice count on calves I would think.

Same to you, have a great weekend.

Chatty Crone said...

How close are the renters to where you are? I am glad you have them. sandie

Lucy said...

We are supposed to get in the lower 90"s today. I just hope our air conditioner continues to work. I have always thought Texas was the worse place to be in summer. We used to always visit the family when they were still together and it was always in July. Hot, hot, hot.

Sonya Cox said...

Thanks for visiting the Mellow Pages blog. Hope you have a great week ahead. The temps are great out here in CA and I know when I go home I'll hit humidity. I could live out here easily I think in CA! But I have to go back to family! :-) I really miss home now that I had a big weekend. Ready to get work done and go back! Hope temps aren't too hot for you this week.

DD said...

We don't have a sand problem here, but we sure did in Florida, so I can relate to that.

I used to think coyotes were just for the West, but have found out that we have them and they are, of course, getting worse (more of them). What I see mostly is white tail deer. We have an apply tree way out back, started to cut it down, spring apples not good, but left the tree for the They are enjoying it now.