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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Animals Dining Out

The wild animals have to eat to stay healthy and on their feet.
Sometime they eat each other to keep nature in balance. Just to stay alive gets to be quite a challenge.
I wish I had time to tell you more, you've heard of them all I'm sure.
What would we do without the creatures, with their interesting and unusual features?
The Armadillos are poking under logs looking for food. It's mostly people they try to elude.
Whitetailed deer are making their tracks, looking for corn the hunters left in a sack.
Coachwhip snake is coiled under that bush, here comes a cottontail rabbit hush, hush.
Big jackrabbits aren't far behind, looking for someone's garden on which to dine.
A cardinal has perched in a huisache tree, looking around to see if a delious berry he can see.
The Horned toad is quite unigue, a big old red ant den he does seek.
A mama Racoon with babies on her back, looking for a pan of dog food to give them a snack.
The tiny little hummingbird flying around, trying to find the sweetest tasting flower near the ground.
Mr. Bullfrog  in his color of green, a swarm of flies he thought he had seen.
Old whiley coyote snuck around to the back. He thought he had seen a chicken in that rickely old shack.
The catfish is napping deep in the pond until that lure went ker-plunk and made him respond.
We enjoy these animals and we always will, so please, all our animals do not kill.
Pauline Lieck Oct. 1992


Jill said...

What a great poem! Really enjoyed it.

Helen said...

Very good Paula.

TexWisGirl said...

you're so creative. even in 1992! :)

Dar said...

No matter what, we all gotta eat sometime...tonight we will dine on chicken, fresh from the store.
That's it, my dear, there ain't no more.
About your header photo, it sure shows the result of heat and drought.
BlessYourHeart and PrayForRain

Anonymous said...

We can't do without the creatures, but they could do very nicely without us. ~Mary


What a lovely poem.

jack69 said...

That is new to us. I bet you have hundreds of them. I always love your poems, they all say TEXAS.

Love from here!!! Stay cool!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How creative you are my friend.
I so enjoyed coming by tonight and reading this.
Hope you have a very nice weekend.
Try to stay cool and out of the heat
Love ya

Lucy said...

You do have a talent with words. There have been some sightings here in Ne, that have been mountain Lions. We had that fire in Halsey and I bet some are coming down for the ride back.Some creep or creeps are lighting dogs a fire deliberately. That s bout as cowardly as as any thing. One family went out of town over the holidays and his brother checked on the house. Vandals had left no room untouched.

Kathy said...

Great poem!

Martha said...

That's wonderful Paula :)

DD said...

Very good, Paula! Interesting.