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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Creative Country Cactus

I think I found my niche in life. Everyone around here is making money off the oil boom. It's killing me because I'm not getting a cut sooo. When I go to Wal*Mart I always park at the end of the store by the garden shop so I can find my truck easy. I'm not completely senile but just a little stunted in the brain sometime. As I was walking out today out of the corner of my eye in the corner I spotted some cactus plants for sale. Humm I've got to check out the price here, So I parked my buggy (shopping cart)  to investigate. Just about a foot and ahalf high, not very wide and in a plain black plastic container with a price tag of $22.95. We've got the cactus and we could think up some cheap containers that look better then those. Maybe paint some cans or find something someone uses a lot of and throws away. We could take tiny pins and attach little red bows or flowers or find cheap cowboy things at the Dollar Store. The ideas are limitless. Can't wait to get home to tell John about our new business. You know he is always a kill-joy. And where are you going to sell these he has the nerve to ask. Well I was thinking of a stand on the side of the road with no overhead or rent. His answer was I'm not sitting on the side of the road in this heat to sell cactus. Well I just though all the new people here in town would like a little cactus plant in front of their trailer or RV to make it look homey while they are in Texas working. Don't tell John's cattle I was thinking of selling their winter food. A roadside stand would be pretty hot and you can't help but get those little thorns in your fingers when you work with them. I had better leave the cactus selling to Wal*Mart.


TexWisGirl said...

i was thinking of that too - that you'd be stealing cattle feed! :)


GREAT ideas are born at Walmart. SERIOUSLY, the containers without the cactus sound AWESOME. stay cool.

Jon said...

It's definitely too hot to sell cactus (or is it cacti? I dunno).
Perhaps you could sell cactus and snow cones.
A "Cactus Cooler" roadside stand.

DD said...

I think it is a good idea. I vote for your cactus stand! I will come by and buy one for my little gr-grandson. Lol...

He expected me to buy him one on my last trip out there, but I didn't know. He only got a shirt with a cactus printed on it. He may be a few needles better off,

jack69 said...

Boy you come up with an idea and sell me on it and then back out!! LOL

Once I was gonna be cute and let Sherry take my picture hugging a cactus. Not meaning to touch it mind you, but I think the little thorns jumped into my arms when they discovered an 'idiot!' OUCH them buggers hurt. hahahaha
Probably a good idea to sell the idea to someone else!

Dar said...

Yes, I'd leave the cactus selling to WallyWorld...let them get ' stuck.'
Them buggers bite, and they're hard to git um all unless you use duct tape to pick um. Be careful out there and have a Firecracker 4th.
We finally got lots of rain with the heat so it looks like town will have fireworks after all.

Cindi said...

lol...luv the idea!

Happy 4th

Jimmy's Journal said...

I think that's a good idea! Maybe you can approach some of the stores and sell on consignment.

Happy Independence Day!


P.S. I have drinks prepared for you and John when you stop by tonight.....