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Saturday, July 28, 2012

As The Country Folks Say----

I had to walk a fer piece (as the country folks say) to feed the turtles. We had a hard rain a few mornings ago and it's too muddy to drive everywhere on the ranch. The rain was appreciated. The turtles were so hungry. Haven't seen the fish for ages. I'm thinking they aren't there. The renters may have caught them and threw them back until they are people shy. We drove as far as we could to check the gas pipeline going across the ranch and then walked the rest of the way. They left two open trenches and are they deep! At least six feet. Maybe they intended to cover them and when the rain came they had to get out to keep from sticking their trucks. Looks like they have the pipe under the highway but haven't connected it to the pipe on the ranch property to continue on it's way across. A cow could fall in, not likely, but it could happen and with John's luck----


TexWisGirl said...

i sure hope the cows stay away from the pits! but i know how foolhardy animals can be!

congrats on the rains!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes John is pretty lucky; he has you. ~Mary

jack69 said...

Yeah, you cannot fuss about the rain. Good the pipe is gong to be deep where normal dirt work wouldn't touch it, but hey, aren't graves 6'deep? Might scratch it burying someone in the wrong place. haha

I bet the turtles were glad to see their mama, them fish migh just have made a good supper for someone!!!

Love from up here in Pennsylvania!!!

PS: I have to say AMEN to Mary's comment above!!!!

Helen said...

Those fish might have made the turtles a good supper.

Jill said...

Gosh, I do hope the cows know to be careful. I can only imagine how happy the turtle were to see you!

Martha said...

Sure hope the fish come back an the cows don't fall in the trenches! Enjoy the rest of the weekend Paula :)

Dar said...

Sounds like the cows need tending as well as the turtles...hopefully the workers will return to fill the trench. Til then, I'm counting on John's luck with his lady holds fast for the critters....yes


Would hate to hear of a cow falling in one of those trenches. Do they intend to fill them in at some point? It's good to keep track of their progress on this pipeline. take care.