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Friday, July 20, 2012

Whats In A Name?

What I should have said in my previous entry is people with double names drop the second name when they grow up and are on their own. At least down in these parts they do. Saturday we went to John's class reunion. Sweet little Lou Madalyn who always wore perfectly pleated skirts to school informed us she no longer goes by Lou Madalyn. She is Lou. She turned in the pleated skirts for jeans and drives a jeep on the range of her ranch. On the other hand speaking of the name Lou my friend Bobbie Lou informed me recently she doesn't like Lou tacked on to her name. When you've known someone for years its hard to stop calling them the name   you've always known them  by. Also around here if a man has ie or y attached to his name he is likely to drop the ie or y as from Johnny to John. If I hear someone call John Johnny I know they are from his hometown and have known him a long time. His newer aquaintances call him John. My nephew the doctor dropped both his names and goes by his initials. When my deceased husband was born my in-laws couldn't make up their mind about his name. When he was born on Columbus Day they still hadn't agreed on a name so the doctor filled in the name with Columbus Lieck. His parents had to go to the court house to have his name changed. What is the strangest or most unusual name  you know?


Jon said...

I kind of like the idea of two names. It has southern charm.

When I was a little kid, all of my father's Hungarian relatives would add a "y" or an "ie" to the end of names. Johnny, Frankie, Joey, Georgie, Jimmie.
I have a few cousins who still call me Johnny!

Jill said...

That is really interesting!

I used to work in a medical supply company and there was a patients name that came up quite was...Ima Hassle. True story!

TexWisGirl said...

i've found so many texans go by their middle names instead of their first. SO MANY!

the most unusual name was a woman named zucchini.

Kath said...

I christened all my four kids double names Paula.Now they are all grown up and married, not one of them get called by their real names.All have nick names as we call them,and I don't mind at all.My eldest Son has always been called by the first half of his surname believe it or not.It's just something you get used to.LOL!!at Columbus.I love to come here for the laughs I get.Have a great week/end.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Lucy said...

My sister hated her name it was Mabel Ersal, and my other sister was Nellie Bernice. Not unusual except for the Ersal but some of the old names were awful. If both knew I published their names they would turn over in their grave.


throughout my life i have tried different variations of my name, with little success. Did manage to drop the LOU from the Terri.

jack69 said...

I have only one person who calls me Jackie now. But the most interesting name I know is my buddies. I love the name VonDale and my Buddy Dallas who has been Dal, RD, Robert Dallas, and now just Robert. I told him he was craZy DALLAS is a great name. LOL.

This is another great entry 'Lady Pauline'.

Lori said...

My sister once knew a girl named April May Snow.

Thomas prefers "Thomas", but if I ever hear anyone call him Tommy, I know that they knew him when he was a teenager, because some people called him that, even though he didn't like it -- he was just too nice to correct them.

Kathy said...

My daddy had a cousin named Tow-Head. Granted it was a nickname but that's what she went by her entire life. No one could remember her real name!