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Sunday, August 5, 2012

It Dosn't Pay To Be A Creature Of Habit

Especially when you live in s small town and depend on Wal*mart for all your needs and wants. My habitual needs were dwindling down so I decided to go shopping today. I like to wear colored Hanes tee-shirts with my jeans. They are (or weren't) long and sloppy but just mid tummy. Add matching socks with my tennies, sometime matching sunglasses, a piece of jewelry that compliments and I'm good to go. Well good to go where I go. The feed store, Tractor Supply, to feed the cows. Not that the cows and turtles really care if I have clothes on as long as there is food in my hands. I walked my legs off looking and finally found a small supply of odd colors in my size and they looked  too long so I marked that off my list. On to the hosiery department. It's been so long I don't even know if they still make ankle high hose. Another long search but can I buy ONE pair of ankle high hose, NOOOO, I have to buy ten pair in a box as if I'm going to a job everyday and church on Sunday and dancing on Saturday night, with three left over in case I didn't do laundry. Well guess what I'm now the owner of ten pair of ankle high hose. Next come the bra department. I left that for last so if you're bored enough you won't have to read about them. I've always bought Ful-ly bras. Cotton, no stretch straps. I'm so tied of sewing those hook sections back on I was glad I had finally made the decision to buy new. Well guess what there wasn't a Ful-ly in the store? I substituted so we'll see how it looks under my faded old Hanes tee-shirt with socks to match.


TexWisGirl said...

yup. totally agree. if i find a bra that i like, i try to go back right away and buy another one (or two) to have on hand. same thing with shoes. hate clothes shopping! :)

Jon said...

Look at the bright side - - now you can wear a different pair of ankle high hose every day of the week and still have some left over!

Which reminds me - - I have to go to WalMart to buy some new socks and underwear. Most of my socks have holes in them. And some of my underwear is too old to mention....

Jill said...

When you find something that works, it just doesn't pay to switch most times!


You have to stick with what works for you.

Cher' Shots said...

Unlike most women, I hate shopping for clothes! Bras & shoes are the WORST for me. But set me free in a Goodwill for lawn ornaments, craft supplies etc and I'm a happy camper.

To answer your question - it's a common garter snake. Harmless at that.

'hugs from afar'

Chatty Crone said...

You know everything I fall in love with - seems to go away - get them while you can. sandie

Lynne said...

The ole law of supply and demand at its worst, but I don't understand when there is a demand for something why it goes away? I wish they'd bring Ponds talc powder back, I loved the smell of it! I had a similar experience at Target for unders ... they stopped selling them and I can't even buy them online anymore. Oh, and Briggs of NY dress slacks...not the kind I like ... they're poof. Totally get it. Aggrivating!

Lucy said...

I think I am glad that I seldom shop for clothes except undies. That can be a disaster. Why do you have to pay for 10 pair of under pants when you only want 2 or 3. Cause they are packaged that way. Bra's are a real pain to shop for. The kids keep the outer part of me covered. Shoes are a nightmare.

jack69 said...

When do women change their habits and buy something different? Sherry has bought her bras at Penny's forever. Her style is getting harder and harder to find, she is gonna have to change styles/name soon.

You gonna find that Jeans are low cut and everything else is cut fer dem teenagers not the keenagers.. hahahahaha

Love from a red-neck part of New York.

We don't have the 'nekkid Cowdoy up here'

salemslot9 said...

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Mary said...

Good matching..hahha. love the shopping trips..Not so much.

Dar said...

Paula, You just made a grin a mile wide cross my face. In my younger years, I'da loved shopping but not anymore. I do have to replace the delicates on occasion tho. After eons, I finally switched tops and bottoms and am comfortable again..still a Hanes gal tho.
And, Yes, I need to finally start to slow down does a body do that anyway? You asked my age~62.
BlessYaPaula, I love reading here