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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Things Are Lookin' Interesting Out There

It is sooo hot these days the  fire plugs are begging for dogs or however that joke goes. John is irrigating grass so we went out to move the pipe this afternoon. I'm such a wimp I sat in the truck with the a/c on. The pipeline company has all the trenches covered and smoothed but there is still a lot of dirt in big long mounds. I'm thinking they are waiting for it all to settle or for it to rain and settle to add more dirt, smooth again and then plant. John got an interesting phone call today. There is a new owner adjoining the back 40 and he plans to put up a deer proof fence. The very tall fence that usually deer cannot jump over and wild hogs cannot go under. John doesn't have the authority to okay it so he gave the man the landlord's number and name. Not that it can be stopped but they could prevent them from putting it on the property line. They could step back a foot or what ever the law is and install it but they told John they are going to let them put it on the property line as they will clean out all the brush and make it neat. The interesting thing is one relative who does hunt and trap on the ranch will not have very much activity as far as deer or wild hogs as there is already a deer proof fence on the west side where the banker owns. The relative who was in charge at that time did not let him install it on the property line so it is a few feet back but it does prevent the deer and wild hogs from coming to the ranch. John doesn't care one way or the other as he has no hunting rights and doesn't hunt at all anymore. There will only be a small area where the animals can cross onto the ranch. Makes me sad but I have my memories of when we lived there and I would go out late in the afternoon to sit on an old piece of machinery and quietly watch the deer go to water.


TexWisGirl said...

i can understand keeping the hogs out, but i didn't realize deer were enough of a hassle for cattle ranchers to want to keep out. i guess when grazing is scarce, every blade counts.

Chatty Crone said...

I'm with Teresa - I don't know about all that - but I do find it interesting. sandie

jack69 said...

Texas has completely different rules from many states I have read. I had never heard of 'hunting rights' until I started reading some on Texas. I knew about Mineral rights, of course.

We have public lands where the public can hunt without getting owners permission. But I understand any hunting there must be with a hunting club or with land owners permission.

I am sure you all will not miss any wild hogs, but watching deer is fascinating, I love that also.
Love to you from NY, where there are plenty of deer, but I have no idea of the rules....LOL

Lucy said...

When did it become mandatory to sign in after making a comment??? I forgot what I said..


I LOVE watching the deer too. Something beautiful about them.