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Friday, September 14, 2012

Big Dog/ Poor Kittens

I'm really not a dog hater even though I am a cat lover. When big dogs are away from their own yard and doing mean things something has to be done. We may be getting a reputation in our neighborhood for calling Animal Control but I could not get this big dog to leave. It was friendly and pretty but it was also killing kittens by carrying them in it's mouth. I thought Daisy had kittens under my storage shed but it's so dark under there I couldn't see for sure. The big dog had a collar on but with no info. on it. The dog was running here and there when I saw it come from the back of my yard with a tiny black kitten in it's mouth. When it put it down it was dead. The dog ran back and got a light color one and headed to the neighbor's where Daisy actually lives but bunks at my house and eats here at John's. In other words she is a neighborly cat and lets everyone admire her. Daisy had moved her kittens to  my neighbor's house under his wheelbarrow which was leaned unside down against the privacy fence. We think there may be two more kittens so John ran to the phone to call Animal Control. We only have one truck and it was on a call so by the time he got here the dog had trotted on down the street and wasn't found. Susie kept her hinnie in the garage when this was all going on. She has had her experience with big dogs.


TexWisGirl said...

at least he has been friendly towards you and not menacing.

jack69 said...

Times sure have changed. There was a time that most folk kept up with their dogs. Sorry about the kittens. sometimes the frustration is too much and you have to call. I have done it once myself.
Hope all else is going well.

Love from Bangor

DD said...

I like big dogs, but certainly not ones straying away from home eating kittens. Good luck, Paula, with that dog.

Donna said...

My mama kitty attacks dogs who come near her kittens, even big old Titan. She becomes the aggressor and jumps in their faces. Of course, she won't have to do that any more, because we got her fixed.

Lucy said...

I agree with Jack. Times have changed. Don't feel bad about calling Animal Control. We have a leash law here and my alcoholic neighbors pay no mind to it. Luckily they are gone so much the dogs don't get a chance to run alone much. I am more of a dog person than cat, but I would try to protect a cat if I could. They are just as welcome as Spunky.

Wendy said...

To bad y'all live in town...I know how to take care of dogs!! Wish the owners were more responsible, so tired of seeing stray dogs wander around!! Of course here they turn Feral and get into packs and kill anything everything!! We recently lost Kitcat to Feral dogs, Michael was pretty upset! No animal control in our county either!

Jill said...

I'm so thankful you are looking out for the kittens!

Jon said...

I would have also called Animal Control. The defenseless kittens have to be protected. It's a shame that the dog got two of them.

My back yard is completely fenced but strange animals still manage to get in. I've had dogs, skunks, and even a few foxes.

Jean said...

I would have done the same thing that you did. So sorry about the poor kittens. Take care. Jean

Lynne said...

We have a leash law in my area, too. Unfortunately, people ignore it at times. Case in point years ago, a neighbor let their old lab run loose and I guess my daughter got a lil too close to their driveway and it attacked her. She had the smarts to punch it in its nose and it released her arm but what a mess. Daughter had to be taken to the doctor to make sure she was okay, dog had to be placed in quarantine at the expense of the owner. I know its easy for folks to just let their pets out the door but when you have neighbors you lose that luxery. Sorry about the kittens.

Anonymous said...

I remember Susie's past ordeal. I think she needs to hire a bodyguard.

salemslot9 said...

thank God I
haven't had to
touch wood
but, I'll use
a water hose,
broom or even
a shovel on
a dog if
I catch it
threatening our kitties

Chatty Crone said...

Could you take in the cats and kittens - that is sad - a no win situation!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH no that dang dog better be glad he wasn't in my yard killing kittens. I hate it when kitties are taken like this. It is so hard for the their mommas to find a place to have them where their safe. Glad you called animal control too bad he got away.
In answer to your question about dancing to country music. Yes I use to love to dance and miss it now. Back then it was a lot different music to dance to Right?
Feel free to grab any of these Maine pics and frame them.
Did you click the first one on and enlarge it to see the real beauty.
I do want to frame some and I hope I do instead of just thinking of it like I do a lot.
Hope the dog stays away.
Now I am off to catch up with you I have been slow on reading blogs