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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thought For The Day

Apologizing for a nasty remark is like trying to unscramble an egg. Borrowed from The DeerLake Weekly letter. No walking in the wet grass in old cemetaries, no driving on crazy country roads, no feeding turtles or checking cattle. It rained last night. Hard rain, slow rain, every kind of rain all night long and it may not be over yet. Wonder what people did on days like this before TV and computers? Don't tell me they cleaned house and did laundry.


TexWisGirl said...

ha ha! :)

we FINALLY are getting some rain up here, too! barely sprinkling this a.m. turned into light steady rain - i hope it continues!!!

jack69 said...


I appreciate the real meaning of that first statement, because it is so true. I know a person who quickly says what is on her mind, yelling or thru her teeth. Then will later apologize and be so sorry, as if that erases a memory of such nasty words or comments.

I think as seniors, on days like this, we are just supposed to enjoy the rain and forget the rest.... hahahah (Yeah we are having rainy weather also.)

DD said...

I enjoyed your Thought of the Day, makes a lot of sense.

I thought of you early this morning as I was watching the weather news. Looked like it was coming down on you in buckets!

Have a good evening and Sunday.

Jon said...

Texas is finally getting rain! Ironically, it rained last night where I live, too.
Today everything is muddy and I can hear the weeds growing.

Chatty Crone said...

I bet they did! Hey I love your new header.

Lori said...

And they sewed and patched clothes. They cleaned and mended harness and utensils. All sorts of things we don't have to do now, but which, when you think about it, might actually have been a nice, cozy way to spend a rainy day, especially if you had one person reading aloud to you.