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Monday, October 29, 2012

Calves Coming And Going

We went to the ranch this afternoon and was able to catch two of the large calves John is wanting to sell at the cattle auction. He tried this morning and they weren't having any of itThe weather is so nice I don't even mind going out there in the afternoon. He lures them into the pen and secures them in a small area where he can drive them into the chute and into his trailer which he has backed up to the narrow entrance. Then comes my job to pull up one foot (I don't get out and measure, lol) so he can get into the pens with the calves. Then he gets behind them and flails his hands to make them go the direction of the trailer and then no where else for them to go except right into the trailer. My job again to pull the truck with trailer attached away from the chute. You can see I have the important jobs, NOT. They kicked up a little fuss until we got on the highway and they calmed right down for the ride to town to the auction. John has already bought two young Brangus bull calves to mind the herd when they get old enough. They haven't moved in yet. As we passed the gate where the gas company has been working and putting the gas pipe across the highway and across the ranch we noticed they are working again. Have some equipment out there again and a pile of fine gravel. Not sure what they have to do except seed the grass. Poor turtles didn't get fed as we didn't have time. They come second to cattle selling and tending but they survived before I came along to feed them so I'm sure they will forgive and come swimming when I call them next.


TexWisGirl said...

the weather really has been pleasant the last few days/nights. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh I think your job is important there - you do a little bit of everything! Go girl. sandie

Dar said...

Awwww, trailering calves can be tricky but I see you and John have it down pat.
So, what do these Brangus, ( I'm assuming they are Brahma and Angus mix ), so what do they look like?, My guess they are muscular, stout, and black or reddish brown?
Sounds interesting. I love the little ones, but then they sometimes grow up mean...bulls, I mean. I'd love to be ranching with ya.

jack69 said...

Good to know stuff. You always seem to find something interesting and fun to read.
I like this one.

Brangus is new to me, think I will look it up. Ah ha, a cross between an Angus and a Brahman.
Never knew they had cross bred these.

anyway sending love from NC.

jack69 said...

I usually read the comments first. I shoulda knowed, dem girls from the North know every thang!

Love y'all.

Lucy said...

What ever your job is, You need to ask for pay. Oh yeagh, you would get it like I would. I explained all I know on my blog today about smart computers.