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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Saga Of A Truck Tire

You may wonder why John is always spraying mesquite. The landlord wants the mesquite killed in the pastures and fields so the grass will grow better. The mesquite bushes are in the way to plow or grow anything too. In other words mesquite is a headache here in south Texas. When I write about John's flat tires from running over the mesquite it is because after they have been sprayed and die the thorns are very sharp and hard. The ideal thing would be to stack them up and burn them but since he works alone he doesn't take the time to do that. When I am with him I sit on the edge of my seat and warn him when he is about to run over a dead bush as he is counting his cattle or checking to see if a mama has had her calf. Anyway John being John, he is inclined to blame Wal*Mart for having bad tires. One day I wrote this poem about one of his new tires.
Terry The Tire
The salesman pulled the tire right off the shelf, he rolled it to the installer before he left.
Up to now Terry the tire had lived a sheltered life, he hoped his new owner had no enemies who use a knife.
He was turned and tightened and felt a little dizzy, in just a few minutes his life was in a tizzy.
The other three tires said their hellos to him, he thought they looked a little dirty on their old rim.
A rough existance was the warning they gave, TerryTire thought to himself I must be brave.
Out to the country was his very first trip, this is fun Terry thought as they hit a dip.
The other three tires knew Terry's life would be hard, as they neared the cow patties covering the yard.
What is this stuff, Terry said to them? It's fertilizer dummy as the driver hit a small limb.
The cattle were fed and the tires headed back to town. On the highway they hummed along not making a sound.
As they pulled into the carport the three heard Terry say, I'm tired but this has been an interesting day.
Pauline Lieck


jack69 said...

There was a song, but since you are too young to know (LOL) I will tell you the name: The Platters sang 'ONLY YOU'!]
So 'Only YOU' would write about a TIRE, and it come out good!.

Good stuff.

TexWisGirl said...

that's too cute, paula. :)

i've punctured a few tires on mesquites, myself. mostly on our lawn tractor - thank goodness for goop!

Donna said...

I didn't know tires had names! Cute poem.

Jill said...

Great poem, Paula!

Lucy said...

That is cool, Paula. I got up this morning and Microsoft had taken over my computer. Nothing was like I left it. Seems like windows was my big theme. I am not into the fancy swipe thing. I basically want just what I had. I am slowly getting it. Thank you for your shout out on Christopher. I wish I could have seen it.

Chatty Crone said...

That was cute. Did you have a nice weekend?

Dar said...

I'll bet Terry the tire was 'tired' after he rolled one adventure into the next. Great poetry once again.
It sure comes natural to you.

Speaking of tires, the youngest son and his 3 little boys blew one crawling through a creek that had rushed with water after a couple days of rain. Uncle to the rescue,
tire still needs changing.

Happy Awesome 9th Blogaversary, Paula! I'm so happy Jack sent me your way.


JOHN said...

Great have a way with words imagination station