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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Strange Starch Odor

How many times have you sprayed the right thing on the wrong thing or the wrong thing on the right thing? I picked up the spray starch from the ironing board and took my blouse outside to give it a good starching before I ironed it. Humm strange odor, kind of nice, but not like I remember my starch smelling. You can tell I don't iron often anymore. The iron is all heated up when I stepped back in with bouse in hand. Humm wonder where I bought this kind of starch with this strange smell. I turned the can around and I had doused my blouse with ant spray. So much for wearing that cute little red blouse with tiny white stars today. What a rash that might give me. I know, why would I have ant spray on the ironing board? In south Texas you may have any kind of spray anywhere because there is always some insect or varmit trying to invade your house. A few months ago some type of ants had made their way around a window into the room where I iron. So that blouse went into the laundry and I ironed a brown blouse with little monkeys and flowers embroidered on it. Yeah I know I don't dress like most little old ladies but I do spray the wrong thing on the right thing sometime and visa versa.


Dar said...

I just wrote about conjured memories and this one recalls me spraying hair spray on my pits instead of deodorant...that was so, so long ago visiting my daughter a couple weeks after her first son was born...her husband told me it was time to go home and rest...never lived it down.

I'll bet the brown blouse with monkeys and flowers is cute as a button on you. You have *spark*.
Have a great day

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Been there.....done that...!!

TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the laugh! :)

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

You gave me a wonderful laugh! And now I know why have such a soft spot in my heart for you, Paula.

Helen said...

It's been a long times since I have starched or even ironed anything.

Donna said...

Just so you don't get preparation H mixed up with toothpaste, you'll be OK.

Lucy said...

I did that same thing only uit was hair spray. I don't iron much either.

DD said...

Funny You are not alone. I have sprayed deodorant on my hair and hair spray on my underarms. Not at one

Anonymous said...

What Donna said :-).

Chatty Crone said...

You have smell good ant spray - who knew.

jack69 said...

Hey, you make a mistake into a great blog entry. Love it and yep, I once sprayed armorall wax on my windshield thinking it was windex. OUCH,

Hey had you worn the blouse, dem insects would have avoided you!

Hahahahahahaha with Donna!

Jon said...

You could have worn that blouse to a picnic and the ants would have left you alone!

You're right about having to keep all kinds of sprays handy in south Texas (or west Texas, for that matter). It seems like I'm always spraying creepy crawly insects.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well thank goodness honey your sense of smell is working. lol
Your so right here in Texas one must be prepared for all kinds of varmits that lurk inside and out.
Sorry for your mishap but it made me realize I am not alone with my crazy things I do on a daily basis.
Have a great week.
Also thank you for your sweet comment. Meant a whole lot to me.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I'm the chanpion of bonehead things. I can't tell you how many times I put the product in the garbage and the packaging in the refrigerator.

As for the blouse, try it. If it don't give you a rash, maybe it'll ward of ants and mosquitos.


Lori said...

Reminds me of when my mother once absent-mindedly cooked me some Tide instead of Cream of Wheat when I was a little girl. lol