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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unexpected Chore

While John is putting out mineral blocks I'm sipping my coffee and looking straight ahead about two blocks to where they layed the gas pipeline. When to my wondering eyes appear a white truck. I tell John and ask who would be out here now? It doesn't look like a pipeline truck. I watch and see two people getting out and the truck doesn't seem to be moving. Then a reving sound, looks like the truck is moving back and forth a little. Two little figures come out of the truck and it doesn't look like pipeline workers walking toward our way. Pipeline workers have cell phones and wouldn't be asking us for help. A young couple, humm we figure someone caught with their hand in the cookie jar so to speak. How did they get in here? Well I'm going to find out John says. As they draw closer we make out the new renter and his girl friend/ companion. Yep they are out in his four-wheel drive riding around and get stuck in the wet dirt, not on a road. So much for that four wheel drive. He had already shot that and her car won't go in reverse and they are out riding around without a care in the world. They hitch a ride on the tail gate of John's truck and we go to the house to get boards and find some old cable. John hooks on with his little Ford Ranger and pulls and poofs smoke and pulls somemore. Back to the house for a shovel while me and the young lady chat in the middle of the field. As they dig and pull somemore she and I cross our fingers. Yeah Ford Rangers, it did it's job. We headed home and I don't know what they did but if it was me I would be checking in to getting one of those vehicles fixed or mowing the front yard which is knee high to a giant.


jack69 said...

/ah ha! more excitement on the Ranch. You can sure come up with some great country tales, unexpected and out of left field. Always fun here at Pauline's. Off to the Red Lobster and another Birthday dinner!!!

DD said...

Hi Paula, Another good story. Always something going on in your world and that is great! are sipping coffee...mmmm...good idea, coffee pot, here I I am munching a few animal crackers. Whoever heard of that without a fresh pot of coffee?
Take care, Paula.
PS: Thanks for the nice comment on my Lazy Day story.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, the joys of landlording. ugh!

Dar said...

You nailed it when you said, riding around without a care in the world...somehow, that adds up to my good ol' days, but today, would dread the thought of getting stuck.
Good thing John is such a good man to help them out. We would have done the same.

Jon said...

Paula, life in Texas offers lots of excitement (even if it's not the same kind of excitement I had in Hollywood).
It was very good of John to help those people. I wouldn't have been as nice.......

Chatty Crone said...

It is hard for a city girl to imagine all this excitement you have out there. sandie