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Monday, February 18, 2013

If Mama Ain't Happy

Two Mama cows were quicking up a fuss this afternoon. Lowing and mooing and following the trailer that they knew took their big babies off to market this morning. Probably seems cruel to city people but think of it like empty nest syndrome in humans. Kids grow up and life goes on. On the way out this after noon we stopped at the farm supply store to buy cattle panels. John has to start thinking about when the west property sells because that is where his hay yard is. He will soon build a new hay yard and move what hay he has left so it won't have to be a hurry up thing when the property sells. One of the baby calves seems to have been on vacation to Hawaii. It was wearing a lei. Well it looked like a lei without the flowers. Actually somehow it had put it's head through a plastic bag that had been tied shut. Baby calves are so funny and cute. When we were through with chores we made a large round along the fence line to look for the exotic deer. I spotted two more red flags on the tall deer proof fence so we had to stop and check out the snares. John now thinks they may have been able to get a special permit to catch coyotes that may have been catching babies of their animals. We've figured out it isn't the hunters, probably owners of property on the other side. Surely they wouldn't have  been advertising with red ribbon if they didn't have permission to use them. A little cool here this morning heating up this afternoon.


TexWisGirl said...

i always hate to hear the momma cows (and the calves, too) bellowing for each other. a tough couple of days...

Donna said...

I love the calves! Jody's two-day-old calf keeps me in stitches, bucking and running. Of course, she worries her mother to death, but isn't that what children are supposed to do?

Jill said...

It would be hard to hear the mama's on those days. How sad.

I love picturing a little one with a Lei on!

Kath said...

Aww sighed, for the Mama Cows Paula,but LOL at the calf on vacation Heeee... too funny.Things sound to be OK at your end.Have a great day.I hope it does warm up for you.Sunshine here for a change, but still cold.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Jimmy's Journal said...

Although I know it's necessary, seeing mothers and babies separated really gets me.

Unfortunately, I am not a vegetarian either and therein lies the conflict.

I always look forward to the new header pictures on your blog.


jack69 said...

You do have a way of catching our attention. Yep for folks who do not understand the other side of life things seem harsh.

I don't know, maybe the red ribbons are not too much advertising, as big as the fence is. NOT EVERYONE is as observant as Paula!!!
Best of luck finding the deer, but I would think it is headed for parts unknown. He would be better off id he could ditch the antlers!!!

Chatty Crone said...

I bellowed and cried to when my son left - it took about a decade to get over him moving to Ohio. I am so bad.