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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rules Are Good But-------

I've wrote about the little country historical church we attend, my picture wouldn't post. It is made of the old sand stone and is a charming old building with history. One side had a built on sunday school room/social hall which some of the members tore down and rebuilt (with no charge) to make it look much better and was able to match the rock very well. The roof attaches on to the orginal in a nicer looking way. They installed central heat and air too. Now the nice men want to take the restrooms off the other side and rebuild them to look nicer. One visitor said that was the first time she had ever used an outhouse with air conditioning. They aren't outhouses but their looks aren't exactly Home And Garden. They want to bring them in up nearer the orginal roof and then match the rock again. They also wanted to take out two windows in the back of the alter since they don't need the air window units any longer. They intended to fill those in with rock to nearly match as they could manage. This is where the Historical Society comes in. They don't want them to take the windows out but will allow them to put in stained glass windows. They don't want to allow them to attach the restrooms to the original building. They can open a door that has been closed for years that goes out that direction and build new restrooms with a breezeway. You might say the heck with them but if they do not go by the rules they stand to lose their status as historical and lose their historical marker. Most wouldn't want to do that as it is an honor to have the historical status. It's all on hold for now.


TexWisGirl said...

walking a fine line, for sure. historical societies sure save a lot worth saving, but if you're the 'updater' i'm sure it can be frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Italians nearly always consider rules just mere suggestions :o.

Jean said...

I wish your picture's could have post I would have love to have seen it. The old house in your header looks just like a house that was on my father-in-laws place. He had three two room houses he built years ago for folks that work for him to live in. He had two that look like Elvis old home. Grover and I lived in one that look like Elvis old home in Mississippi for a few months when we first married. Jean

Jill said...

It sounds like a wonderful place to worship!

jack69 said...

I have always loved the original picture you posted of the church. We see it about twice a week, and I think of you. Yeah it is walking a fine line for personal desires, codes and Historical society. I have never dealt with a HS before, don't kow if I want to.
But youare right, it is nice to have the Historical Site 'PRIDE'.
Good entry

Dar said...

I love when the old historical places can be saved, in whatever capacity, but it doesn't make any of the 'rules' any easier to wait on. It's nice the church is being so well tended. I like the idea of the stained glass windows. I wonder if the glass paints of today qualify? They are wonderful but it, too, is an art.
Did you ever find the missing cow in the Bankers side of the fence? I wondered if he extended you the same courtesy of searching as you did for him?

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

Sounds like it would be nice but it would be a shame to lose the historical status, hopefully they can find a compromise. Sorry you couldn't get your photo to post. I would have loved to have seen the little church.

Dar said...

thanks for stopping by Paula. I love the old-time oil rig in your header...and those dynomite cars.