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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is It Hot Or Is It Not

Not talking weather hot, talking stolen hot. We have been looking for some dining room chairs on legs opposed to the kind I have that is a heavy rim on the floor. I need some easier to mop under and he wanted to buy a new air-conditioner for my bedroom. He found a ad in the paper with some brand new air conditioners for sale so we decided to go look at them. We knew Tank Hollow road and it was off that so away we went. Dusty country road and a dead-end with three houses down looong lanes but no address that matched the paper ad. No sign of a sale or yard sale sign. John was going to call the telephone number and it had a prefex the same as my number here in town and far from where we were. The number didn't even make sense so I ask John exactly what did they have for sale. He started reading the ad and I said wait a minute that sounds like a bunch of stolen stuff from construction sites. Water heaters, cabinets, air conditioners etc. and mostly new. What would anyone be doing selling all that new stuff on a dead end road way out in the boonies? Nooo John we better get out of here. I'm not going up one of those dead end lanes to ask anything. As far as my blog when I said we were going to be on the news a few days ago it wasn't good. A man had rented an old convience store and was selling synthetic drugs to teens. Kids were showing up at the hospital with odd symptems and on questioning they found where they were buying what was making them sick. Our town is no longer innocent, country, and small.


TexWisGirl said...

ours, either. had a fatal shooting of a court official a few weeks ago - and i just read a headline that the family dollar store was held up this week.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh dear Paula, no town is innocent, country, and small anymore. It is sad to me too. Innocence lost.


Innocence has been lost for sure in every small town these days. Such a shame, really it is.

jack69 said...

Yes, and ain't it the truth. It sounds like a line in my new book, 'This little town will not always be innocent.'

Yes it comes to all because there is a demand for it. As a contractor I would never buy anything like that, knowing some other Contractor just lost it. It never happened but once,when I had time to report it. I saw a guy running across the road with an A/C at 1 AM and reported it. They got the guy.

Most of the time you cannot actually stop. Anyway it was pretty smart to stay away!


Leave It To Davis said...

All the small towns around here are filled with drugs. It's awful. I have heard that here, the high school kids go to school high and nothing is's rampant. Sad, sad condition our country is in...terribly sad. What can be done about it when so many of the parents are on drugs or are alcoholics? We all need to pray for our youth.