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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mother Nature Seems To Be In A Snit

After a day in the 90's it was very cool at the ranch this morning. Wishing I had taken a sweater I stayed in the truck and sipped my coffee. Thinking Mother Nature is in a bad mood to change the weather on us like that. Could it be men-o-pause or maybe she is just mad at men. Who knows, but they say we won't have another 90's day for a while and that's okay with me. As we were riding around checking the cows we came up on a manufactured deer blind a hunter had mounted on some old boards and the wind had knocked it part way over. John stopped to put the blind all the way to the ground so it wouldn't fall on someone or a cow. As he pushed on it a barn owl few out so fast it almost flew into his head and scared the bejabbers out of him.


jack69 said...

Ha, I am laughing at john, I had a similar thing. I threw some trash in a dumpster on night in the dark and a cat came out screaming and full speed ahead, I about had a heart attack.

Mother nature is the same over here in a bad mood, and just when we head home. GLOBAL WARMING THEY SAY!

Jon said...

Mother Nature is definitely going through men-o-pause here in West TX. It's 85 degrees one day and 55 the next. By early next week we're supposed to get another "cold front" with temps in the 20's at night.
We need to put coats on the Easter lilies!!!!

Leave It To Davis said...

lol...that would have scared the tar out of me, too!!! I might have had to go home and change clothes pronto.

Glad you won't have more 90' anytime soon....too early for that kind of heat!

Dar said...

Lol on the Men-O-Pause. Mother Nature threw us a real curve ball for the first day of spring. We woke to 9Fdegrees and 11F this morning. We did have a heatwave this afternoon of 28 degrees. I'd love a day of heat.

Loved your Frogs in Little Red Shoes. You sure have an active and creative thinker in your knogin'

I'da jumped too with an owl flying too close, Bill Would have had a heart attack. He's afraid of a hummingbird, poor dear.


Lucy said...

That would scare me to.I am not asking for 90 but I sure would like to see 45 today. Spring don't mean anything here in Ne. The ground hog sure did not know what he was doing.

TexWisGirl said...

cool to see the barn owl! :)

Chatty Crone said...

What is a blind? sandie


WHEW! That barn owl scared me too when you told the story. I'm ignoring the 90 degree part. Snow flurries here today.

Lori said...

lol. Would've scared me too!

We're having our winter weather now, even though it's the second day of spring!!