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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blessed Rain

We had another nice rain here in town yesterday afternoon so we couldn't wait to go to the ranch this morning to see if we got it there. We did and we're so greatful. We couldn't drive everywhere but made it over the stock tank dam and to the east property where the little deformed calf and her mother were last seen. I don't know why I call it little, it is a big calf to be new born. From here on I'm going to name the calf Josie. They had moved location but not too far. The mama hasn't taken it up to the pens so we're thinking it doesn't follow her that well and she doesn't want to leave it. There is water in the dry creek bed so no problem as they will drink muddy water. We found another new calf and it is small. I'm losing count, I think that makes 21. We found another cow off alone and think she will give birth late today or tonight. When I fed the turtles two of the Whistler ducks flew onto the dead tree across from where I feed. They watched me the entire time. I'm thinking maybe yesterday after I left they flew over to the other side and found some of the bread crumbs on the land. I put a lot there as the turtles seem to be able to spot the bread easier there. They come out of the water and stuff their mouth as full as they can then run for the water to eat. The air felt and smelled so good this morning. Supposed to get only in the 60's tomorrow. Cool for us this time of year. Happy May Day tomorrow everyone.



Josie is a great name. LOVE it.

TexWisGirl said...

glad the whistlers are sticking around. and really glad/jealous you got some rain! :)

Chatty Crone said...

Glad you got your needed rain and wish we had whistlers here. sandie

shirl72 said...

I am baby sitting birds and look
like you are busy with baby calves.
The bird house was on my porch
close to front door. It was a
decorative house and not made for
birds. I had silk flowers in it so that made a cover for them.. I would'nt use my front door because she would fly out and she needed to sit on those eggs.

An another couple was there waiting when they moved out. They renovated the house and moved in and she is sitting on her eggs. I guess they are happy. I could
not believe they would use the same
nest. They got more of my moss
and fluff it up.

Jill said...

Love the name Josie. So glad you got rain!

jack69 said...

I am amazed you can keep them all straight, names wise. Oh and the Ducks? I bet you are looking for someone else to feed. LOL YOu attract animals cause they know you are EASY! hahahahah,

Love from here...

natalie said...

what a lovely entry!
My grandmother used to have a ranch and your account reminds me of it!wonderful!
thank you so much for commenting on my blog as well!
Be well my good friend

Lucy said...

That is good that you got rain. Our Nebraska farmers are saying it, Rain, has not penetrated deep enough.