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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Of Course I Want To Go To The Back Forty

Why would John have to ask that? I should let him  take me to the back and I crawl into a deer blind and watch and wait while he does his chores then he could come back to get me. Check! Bug spray, cell phone, snack. but no gun. That part of the ranch is for sale but they are asking an outlandish price so maybe John will have it for a while. We have a pair of quail just outside of the back forty and they always run in the lane ahead of us. Don't see any young ones following behind. Maybe because of the drought. Maybe they are laying now. So many maybes. The nice lady at The Runaround Ranch Report has posted pictures of the whistler ducks which I never knew anything about. Today when I was walking quietly over the dam to feed the turtles I spotted something in a dead tree across the stock tank. I made sure to not make any noise. When I was even with the dead tree I could see there were six of the Whistlers perched in the tree. When I started feeding the turtles they few off and I counted again, yes six of those pretty ducks. We looked for the cow and her deformed calf. The mama wasn't as nervous and the other cows were around. One of the other mama's went over and licked the baby. It does seem to be blind and depending on hearing and smell. When John walked behind it I saw it give a big sniff. The swelling on it's forhead is not any bigger, if anything maybe a little smaller. He is just worried about the state of it's brain. We had a nice rain here in town but was very disappointed not a drop at the ranch where he needs it to keep the grass green for the cows.



Have never heard of Whistler Ducks. How can you tell the difference between them and regular ones?

TexWisGirl said...

your comment at my place made me laugh. by now you know your whistling ducks, for sure! :) glad you have them around!

poor baby calf. i'm glad they're closer in to the herd, now, though.

Dar said...

Whistler Ducks, now I have another kind to look into. Are they the Black-Bellied with the orange beak or the Fulvous with the dark gray beak? What a curious looking duck they are.
Glad you found the little's amazing how adaptable they can be with their deformities. I hope he does well. He has a great start with already responding to sounds and smells around him.
I'll be thinking of this lil fella. Are you going to name him?
So, what did you see while in the deer blind? I love doing that, too.

Jon said...

I never heard of whistler ducks before. I feel so sorry for the deformed calf but it's good to hear that he and Mama are doing well.

Jill said...

I'm so excited you spotted some of those charmers! How exciting!

jack69 said...

You always come up with something new. Love the read. It is good to get a report on the special calf.
Whistlers? Nope never heard of them, but then lost of wild life I am ignorant of.

Lucy said...

If TexaS WAS NOT SO BIG YOU WOULD PE prOBABLY have had rain after looking at the flooded streets in Austin. Never heard of a whistlers duck. Maybe they don't come where it gets really cold.

Anonymous said...

I would figure that you'd not take a gun. But you are woman ready(most times)for an adventure.

Thanks for the calf update.

natalie said...

love and hugs Paula