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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sleuthing In The Country

Cattle and feeding turtles didn't occupy our minds so much early this morning. We were out to find large pick-up tracks and downed fences. We must have still been asleep when we got to the ranch because we drove right past two downed fences and didn't see them. Maybe because they weren't where we were expecting. We caught the renter on the front porch, and headed to the east property in the direction he pointed to. Didn't take us long to find some large tracks and where they had run over cactus pants so our sleuthing began. We followed them until they went into another ranch in the back. These coyote drivers must really be good drivers. They don't know the lay of the land and there is roads that are washed out badly. We found one place where they had came to a fence probably going too fast and looked like they turned on two wheels and went on up the fence line a ways and then plowed through. We walked in the neighbor's property until they turned to the north and we hadn't seen the truck deserted anywhere like the renter had thought. We went back to fence the cattle out of the east until John has help tomorrow fixing fence. We still didn't know where they came in at from the farm-to-market road, but happened on somemore tracks and John walked it until he lost it. While walking he found their front licence plate. He came back to the truck where I was waiting and we went to the highway to find the most important downed fence where the cows could get out on the road. As we went down the lane I saw where they had gone through to avoid driving near the farm house. On to the highway and there was a large opening where they had plowed into a post and the fence. That fence had to be fixed at once for safety of people and the cows. When we got home John called city hall to get a number to call the Border Patrol. The man took the licence plate number down and John's name but didn't know if they would need it. He was going to pass the info. on to his Supervisor. They may already have the number to the truck from the back licence as I'm sure the one John found is the front from where they were plowing into cactus and fences. In all John will have to mend three fences and if all the places they went through had been up and still in use it would have totaled six. All I can say is the coyote and the illegals take their life lightly not knowing what they are going to endure on these trips. The illegals are probably desperate for work to make money and the coyote probably makes money off them for him getting them to their destination. At least he probably usually gets them there. It would be interesting to know how many trips he has made successfully and how much money he has made off them. The ranch is a perfect route from Mexico to the larger cities to avoid the main highways.


TexWisGirl said...

sad for you - and rather scary all the way around!


Scary and now with all that added work to boot.

Jill said...

Very scary and very frustrating for you!

jack69 said...

Shucks, I think you are in your element when sleuthing. You are pretty good at deducting it seems.

Hope no cows get out into the road.
Do Texans drive more cautious on the back roads, I know some of you guys are 'hell bent for leather' on the main roads. LOL

jack69 said...

But I am sure the fence fixing is time consuming, costly and should not be necessary. (drats)

natalie said...

Dear Paula,
oh my goodness...
I'm so sorry to hear this!
I hope that you can get this solved. hugs.