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Friday, June 14, 2013

Do I Look Like I Have Sucker Written On My Forehead?

This looks just like my truck except my stripe on the side is small. They are still trying to get me to take out an extended warranty My truck is a 2006 and they stopped making Rangers in 2011. Don't they know that I know if something went wrong it would be the very thing that isn't covered? I know the saying goes there is a sucker born every minute but the minute I was born wasn't that minute. So now my cell phone company wants to sell me a Smartphone for 99 cents. Oh just one catch I have to open up another line. What would I need another line for? For that matter what would I need a Smartphone for? I've just now partly mastered my old fashioned flip open phone and feeling pretty smart about that. Now to top it off a man on a parking lot told John he has healed John's Macular Degeneration. Wonder why the doctors don't know about this cure?


TexWisGirl said...

interesting mess o' thoughts here, paula!

Chatty Crone said...

Alright then - there is a lot going on. People will anything if people will buy it. How are John's eyes? sandie


people will tell you anything to get you to buy what they're selling.

shirl72 said...

Thought I had better come over
and check on your behavior. Looks
like you are so lucky getting all
these offers. You are right we
were not born yesterday nothing
is free. They pick on older
people thinking we are gullible.
They should remember we have been
in the business world for awhile.

jack69 said...

I never deal in extended warranties. My son jack Jr. does. But he takes advantage of them. Me I would forget them and get something fixed on my own hook.
I learned something this last car we bought. The salesman no longer carries you thru the whole sale. He makes the deal, then turns you over to the 'Finance specialist'. We can extend that warrantee for only $2300.
I said politely, no thank you, I just want the car. I like it. He hums a little, spins the monitor around and points to a new figure, what about $1200. Now he made me a little angry. A minute ago he was gonna STEAL a $1000 from me. If it is 1200 now what happened in the three seconds to $2300? I said, " Thank you for the kind offer, but all we want is the little car. We finally got the car, no extended warranty.
It does get frustrating for someone to treat you like you are stupid.

But there are those folk who feel safer with the promises.

Lynne said...

There was the gentleman's first mistake...saying he healed him. It would be wonderful but also a huge responsibility if anyone ever had such a gift. Can you imagine? I don't go for the vehicle warrantys, especially after dealing with a warranty issue on my stove which turned into a nightmare. Not worth it.

Leave It To Davis said...

I don't believe in extended warranties, unless you buy them at the dealer at the time you purchase the truck, and then a lot of times, they are rip offs too.
We did buy one when we bought a used 2004 Jeep, and when we were within 50 miles of it running out, we used it....and it paid for the repairs. Miracles do occur.

With my cell phone company, each time you get a new phone or change your plan, you're in a new two year contract....and they didn't even tell me that when I changed my plan. I was so mad...nothing I can do about it, either. Bad!

Jill said...

I just love your no non-sense attitude and couldn't agree with you more!

Lucy said...

Good post Paula. We get that junk to all the time. My shredder comes in so handy at times like that. I can barely use the phone you buy a card and get minutes. I even had a HARD TIME setting my home phone up.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I get this all the time about my car too. It is just one more junk mail I throw away.