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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

I'm always complaining about the dryness and hot weather here. The powers that be have blessed us. We have had rain every afternoon for three or four days. Yesterday was the rain to top them all. We were out in the truck and encountered a gulley washer, raining cats and dogs type of rain. Lots of lightening in these afternoon storms. One strike hit a tank battery south of here in the oil field and there was an explosion but as far as I know there were no injuries so I'm thankful for that. It was bad enough to make the San Antonio news and the highway in the south direction was closed. We passed on by the ranch this morning to go to the tiny beauty salon in John's hometown so I could get my hair cut. With all the zillions of hair salons in San Antonio and there are more beauty shops here in our town then any other type business, I go to the tiny town with only one shop. That is because she understands my cowlick and I don't come out looking like Spanky.



Bet your hair looks pretty. Glad nobody was injured in the storm.

TexWisGirl said...

the hair salon made me laugh. :)

glad you're getting great rains! we had 1/4 inch this morning is all.

jack69 said...

My sherry has a problem hair spot also, and always worries when getting her hair done in strange places. The only times we are near her regular stylist (grand daughter) is some times in the summer.


Chatty Crone said...

I am glad for you and the rain! Not he thunder and lightning! And you hair story - very funny. Sandie

Rose said...

We've had too much rain flooding. Always best to stick with the hair dresser who understands your hair.

Dar said...

We've been getting the same ' soaking in ' kind of rains...then this evening the thunder clapped, the lightening threatened and the rain came down like cats and dogs here too. We are happy bout that.
Thanks for stopping by...each day is a better day here.

Lucy said...

So glad you are getting rain. We are getting showers but it acts like it could be a tornado. So far we have lucked out. I have 2 cowlicks, one on one side in the back of the crown and the other on the opposite side.

Leave It To Davis said... We have thousands (slight exaggeration) of nail salons here. Seriously, if they put one more up, we are likely to be the nail salon capital of the world. seriously.

Anonymous said...

I have a soft spot for Spanky, but it would not be quite your look.

We need the rain & we are getting it here.