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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mini Class Reunion/ Do You Keep Up With Classmates From The Past?

I've talked on the phone three times this past week with a classmate. I almost wrote old classmate then thought better of it. lol She said three from our school days are coming to my town next month and wanted to know if I wanted to join them. Of course over the years I have seen them a few times but it is always a good thing. The girl on the left is deceased, second from left is   one of the ones coming here, third is me (skinny legs). To the right I'll have to ask them about her. There was only 19 in our graduating class and there was only one building plus the building in background is the auditorium where pet rallies, assemblies, school plays, and graduation was held. It is made from old sand rock which is prevalent in south Texas. This building is the only one still standing of the original ones. The school district has grown so much there are buildings all over the place and two newer schools miles away from town. We were and they still are the Somerset Bulldogs. I still remember our school song and some of the cheers even though some days I don't remember what I ate for breakfast.


shirl72 said...

Went to 10th, 25th, 43rd. last one
was my 50th. I still talk with
about 5..Don't live in the town
where I graduated. We only had
65 in our class.. 11 have died.

I guess I am getting older and
sometime don't realize I am there.

Good to see your comment.


That's nice you'll be seeing old friends. ENJOY visiting. Had to chuckle about what you remember. me too.

TexWisGirl said...

you were a cute little cheerleader! :)

Jon said...

I think it's a wonderful thing to keep in touch with old (oops, not ancient!) classmates.

I am still very close friends with a few people I went to school with and they keep me updated on what's been going on with everyone.
Unfortunately I have only attended one class reunion - - because California is too far away.

jack69 said...

That last line is one reason folks keep coming back to this blog. YOu are one witty gal, WE like that.
I didn't remember how many was in Shirl's Class, 66 she said. We lived in a small mountain town then. When you said 19 I thought a lot like Shirl. Sherry had about 150. I dropped out so I don't do reunions except with Sherry. She is having a mini (?) get together in Sept, so we need to end this trip about then.
I agree with the Texas Wisconsin Girl, you were a cute Cheerleader.
((HUGS)) WE left in the rain.(smile) Have fun getting together with the young ladies.

S. J. Qualls said...

Yes, I have 3 school chums that I keep tabs on, on a regular basis. Have known them for over half a century, but I met them in different schools.

About the buzzards, T just knows the real names... I live in Middle TN.

Jean said...

I agree you are a pretty cheer leader. I think I've outlived most all my school friends. I dropped out of school and got married young,but went back some years later and got my diploma.

Jill said...

LOVE this photo. You were a darling cheerleader!

Leave It To Davis said...

You certainly were a pretty young thing, weren't you?! You made me laugh out loud with the last sentence! You are funny. You'd be fun to get together with a talk about old times. They'd be crazy not to want to come. Have fun!!!

linda eller said...

What fun you will have!

~mel said...

Dear Hubby and I graduated from the same class ~ so it's always fun for both of us to attend. Have fun at yours!