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This Way To My Blog

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I have to give credit where credit is due. It's neat when you read a blog and it makes you think of something in your life to write about. The Runaround Ranch Report lady has turtle bookends on the log in her pond today. Made me think how hard I was looking for bookends recently when I was redoing my bedroom after many years. I always have a few books waiting in the wings to be read so I wanted some bookends that matched the new decor to put on my night stand. I decided people must not use bookends much anymore. Couldn't find many so I finally resorted to a different way to keep my "next books to read" neat. That brought more memories of bookends, the old pair I still have which doesn't match my room. They are made of wood and are a mexican man and woman taking a siesta. Sitting with their back to the books napping. They were a souvenier from my senior trip to Mexico. Not senior citizen but high school senior class in 1954 to the bullfights and shopping. Humm that Mexican couple have been napping a long time and a lot of water has run under the bridge.


TexWisGirl said...


besides the pair of office-style metal bookends for binders, etc., i have a pair of geodes that are bookends. and an oriental dog pair, too.

Lori said...

I love to find interesting bookends in thrift stores, but you just don't see them much anymore. Over the past few years I've been using interesting fossilized rocks or crystals as bookends.

Lori said...

I just read TexWisGirl's comment above! What a coincidence. Two of my bookends are geodes, too! (Had to do something with the hundreds of rocks, minerals, fossils, and crystals that Eler Beth has collected over the years!)

Donna said...

I bought a set of Chinese bookends, boy standing on one end looking over at the girl, sitting and reading a book, on the other end. Bought them when I was perhaps 19. Loved them, but somehow or other I lost them, I guess in a move. Went to Ebay, kept doing a search "Chinese bookends" and after a few weeks found the exact same bookends. Nobody else even bid on them, so I got them cheaply.
There are some frog bookends on Ebay right now. :D

Lucy said...

Hi Pauline, I changed my blog today so maybe you can comment. I would never gaurantee anything, as far as my computer. I have spent2 days trying to deal with Microsoft insisting I had to have a microsoft e-mail address. Your blog made me smile today..


I looked for bookends a year or two ago and couldn't find any interesting ones. You're lucky to have a pair.

jack69 said...

How sweet. OUr 'net book' must lie in the basement or in a sack here in our living room. BUT they are always handy.

Imma thinking it is nice to take a long siesta.
Love to you and John, but he ain't gonna knit! hahahaah