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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Livin' High On The Hog

Have you heard that saying? It is used around here a lot. I'm refering to a little cottontail rabbit I've been saving all my salad left overs, peelings and anything I think he/she may like. I see it eating pear apples off the cactus plants but I know it  can only get the low ones. I also know the renters are kind of angry with it for stealing bites off their watermelons growing in the front yard. I had to rush out this afternoon to take five gallons of bleach to John and the men working on the well. Not sure what that is all about but John said water from a bad well was seeping into the good well. They've been out there for several hours and aren't through yet and it's almost dark. Anyway since I was going anyway I took some old blueberries to the rabbit and left them beside the cactus plant. Hope it likes them. Hasn't been a good week. We did find out a cow was hit one night but it wasn't John's thank goodness because it did a lot of damage to a truck and killed the cow. The day one of John's cows did get out and it was in a place that didn't show from the road where a car or something had gone through the fence at some time. The ranch has a lot of highway frontage and the railroad used to go through there so it is kind of different in that area. The sheriff's department did get the cow back in and the next morning John went out to check and repair. While driving in the bar ditch and looking for broken fence he ran off into a culvert, getting his truck stuck and tearing off his bumper. So who does he call? ME. I call the renter and ask him to call his brother, the well man who has a four wheel drive. They got his truck out and our neighbor fixed the bumper. More and more each day I'm thinking John needs to take up kniting.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, dear. yup, that sell-off might be coming sooner than later!


Never a dull moment there for sure.

jack69 said...

Hahahahaha, you ain't getting knitting needles in John's hands. LOL
The bleach brings back bad memories for me on one house. someone suggested I use Clorox to ensure my new well would pass inspection.

It took a week of steady running (24/7) before It got it down so the chlorine would not show.

Yeah, that is gonna be one happy Rabbit you BET!

Leave It To Davis said...

Even when you have a bad week, you find humor....I love that. I also love that you take the trouble to go and feed a wild bunny. You have such a generous, kind heart. You are so endearing. So glad we are twins. :)

Next time you and John go to Walmart (wink wink), take him by the knitting needles and yarn. Maybe they will entice him.

Yesterday we saw a woman my hubby worked with for years and years. She told us of her 93 year old father finally selling off his cattle because one of the cows....the only one with horns....head butted his arm when he was out feeding him.....gashed his arm from his shoulder all the way down to his hand because when the cow butted, then it raised its head up....tearing the skin all the way up. He came to her house bleeding like a stuck hog (another term used a lot around here....what is it with idioms about hogs and pigs?) and told her he THOUGHT he needed to go the the E.R. Can you imagine???? We had to laugh at this...he called her a week later and said he had sold his cattle. She said she was a little sad and a little relieved. I would say 93 is the perfect age to sell off your cattle!

Lucy said...

Pauline you are a delight to have a blog. I have been going to ask how the macular degeneration was able to get around and do his ranch work. And how about those platlets. I knew I didn't know how to spell but I thought you could figure it out. I think I am just about back in business on y blog. Hope you cam coment now.

Lucy said...

I comented but it didn't go through. How is the platelets doing.?

Indigo said...

You crack me up dear friend. More than likely the bleach was to sterilize the well water. You wouldn't believe what comes out of our faucets.

Still shaking me head at the thought of John with knitting needles. (Hugs)Indigo

Indigo said...

Meant to say shaking 'my' head. Must of been channeling some Irish brogue there. - Indy

Chatty Crone said...

I have heard of putting bleach in a well -we don't have well water here. You sure do keep busy around there.