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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One More Post About Book Ends, Then I Will Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.

In the 50's I had a set of Japenese bookends. A black pair, a boy and a girl in Japenese attire. I also had the usual bed of that time. Blond Limed Oak with a bookcase headboard. Perfect setting for bookends. My youngest daughter, Lynda was just learning to get into mischef. We lived in an ugly bungalo behind our land ladies house and I didn't drive yet. One day I walked into the bedroom to see Lynda on the bed with one black bookend holding it over the side of the bed. When she saw me she dropped it onto the mexican tile floor and it smashed into a million pieces. I gave he a good paddling (that wasn't child abuse back then), got us dressed and backed the car out of the garage (remember I didn't drive at that time) and we went to Sears. I found the very bookend she had broken without it's mate. Bought it, didn't shop for anything else and drove home. I was afraid to try to drive the car back into the narrow garage so I left it out under a tree. When Mel came home his eyes were as big as saucers and he ask who drove the care today. Very meekly I said I did. He said you better go get your driver's licence before you get a ticket so I did. Sorry my computer won't let me scroll back to correct the spelling.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, wow! you were determined to replace that bookend! :)


What a great story.

jack69 said...

WHAT miss spelled words???
Enjoyed the entry. Thou art a MEAN mama. Or was! hahahaha.

Seemed to work though, didn't it?
I like the entry.
((HUGS)) from North Crolina

Jon said...

What an amusing story. I'm glad you were able to replace the bookend - - also glad you finally got your driver's license!

Leave It To Davis said...

lol. You couldn't scroll back to correct the spelling....did you mean for your font to be that tiny? It's nice to know others have trouble correcting their posts!!!! I do all the time!

yes, ma'am, I realize paddling wasn't child abuse back plenty of them myself...and my parents weren't locked up. lol And you know what? I turned out okay! I'm not even whacky in the head because of the paddlings. Could be because each time I got one, my dad told me that he only whipped me because he loved me so much. I didn't understand that then, but I do now. Glad you didn't try to park your car inside the garage!