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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don't Swat Your Screen

The ant you see on the upper right crawled over from my entry last Friday. Yes I know how to get rid of them but it doesn't happen over night. I'm working on it. Put little bottle caps of cornmeal in little corners and other out of the way places near where you have seen ants. They will carry the cornmeal back to their den, they have a feast and they don't have money to buy Pepto Bismol. One day out of the clear blue sky you will realize you have no more ants. Yes here in south Texas we have lots of bugs, insects and all kinds of things that bite, sting, and make your body itch. Living here is not for the faint of heart unless you are married to a bug extinguisher or are rich enough to hire one often.


Jon said...

I never heard about the cornmeal trick but I'll definitely try it.
You're right about the bugs in Texas. I didn't know what chiggers were until I came here!

jack69 said...

Imma tell Jon, the NC chiggers could teach the Texas chiggers. haha That is from picking blackberries in NC>

Good entry. I am too lazy to do the corn meal. I buy the little trap houses. It works in the motor home.

I am an anti bug guy!!!

I know they are necessary but don't see wht good they are doing in our kitchen!!! LOL

HUGS from Ohio.

Leave It To Davis said...

lol....I had to read this to Hubby. You are so funny. I can just see a little ant going into a drug store with a dollar asking to buy some Pepto Bismol. That was funny!!! Thanks for making my day!!!

We kept corn meal out around our tree where we had a bird house and the sparrows had nested in it to keep the ants from crawling up the tree and eating those baby birds. Worked! They never went up the tree this year like they did last year!!!


Thanks for the tidbit about the cornmeal and ants.


...reminds me of a warning sign for South Texas "Beware! Property Protected by Fire Ants"

I will have to try this trick.

Lucy said...

So you have ants that have indigestion and they can't afford it. I talked to my grandson that lives in Bridgeport, Texas and he said at the shop he works in , It is a store that sells parts and works on the big Peterbuilt trucks and others. He said they have a big grasshopper infestation there but not many at home. I suppose the bright lights may attract them.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, thanks for the tip!

we have terminex spray around the house, here, each quarter. basically to keep the scorpion population down! still, we get quite a few in the house and struggle with ants, sometimes, too.

Lori said...

I'd never heard of the cornmeal trick, but putting black pepper on their trail (if you can find where they're getting in) usually works for me. Hope you can get rid of them soon.

Chatty Crone said...

I hear you on this - we have a lot of bugs too - but not as many as you. I will have to remember corn meal.