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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quail Husband & Wife

I love those birds. They live down the lane toward the back forty. Mama and Daddy ran in front of us but sorry to say there were no babies following behind. John tells me in bad years sometime you will see two hens with one male running together. He says both hens will lay eggs in the same nest. Later you will see three adults with a string of babies running behind. The weather this week is supposed to be in the high ninties with a 20% and 30% chance of rain. Those kinds of rain are not enough or in enough places to do any good but it can give us hope for the fall.



I did not know that about quail. Interesting.

TexWisGirl said...

yeah, we're back to high 90s here - and really no chance of rain that i see in the forecast.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey a hen has to do what a hen has to do - right????

Dar said...

Quail are a curious bird~sister Mel used to raise them. They sure are pretty. We hear them and call them and they answer and come a runnin', but that was a while back...moon's ago. We 'finally' got 7/8ths of an inch of rain this afternoon, and hail, first time in 3 weeks. It was barely enough to settle the dust, but
Life is Still Good

Leave It To Davis said...

I wish I could see quail....they are soooo cute!

Don't you just LOVE this weather???? It's wonderful for August!!! I wish we would get some rain, too. Watering the yard just doesn't do the same that a good rain will do. Must be the chlorine in the tap water.

Lori said...

It has been been many years since I've seen a line of quail walking along. I'd love to see a male and two females with a bunch of little ones!