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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Update On Josie, Little Blind Calf

Josie isn't so little though, she is growing like a weed since she learned to graze like a good cow should. Day before yesterday John didn't see her or her Mama number 12 so yesterday we set out to look for them. Down the lane toward the back forty we heard a mooing in the brush but didn't see anything so on the way back we stopped to look. Number 12 heard the truck and came out looking for her cubes (kinda like cow candy, but not really) then I spotted Josie. She had gotten herself on the other side of the dry creek bed and didn't know how to get back. I'm sure it's hard when the ground slants down and you can't see where you are stepping. John tried to help her but that confused her so we just let her be to let her Mama figure out how to get her across. That's how she got over there in the first place. Number 12 has turned out to be such a good Mama. Josie runs right along side of her almost touching her as they run with the herd. John just walked in and said all is well, Josie and number 12 are on the east property with the herd. Mama figured out a way to get her across the dry creek bed.


Chatty Crone said...

I am glad Josie is okay. But Number 12 what kind of name is that? I think I know the answer. I would be a bad farmer.

Lori said...

Mama's always find a way to take care of their babies, don't they?

jack69 said...

These entries are always good. It is great to see the problems and then the solution. thanks for the update. You keep a good thing going...
Love from NC

Dar said...

another of natures mysteries is just how each critter just ' knows ' who mama is and how to get back to her if lost. sounds like Josie is going to make it through her life just fine.
Life is Good

Paula said...

How did number 12 get that name? Not everyone of the cows has a name. Just the special ones or ones that stand out in some way to me. Number 12 didn't have a name but she has that number 12 tag in her ear. When she gave birth to Josie, Josie is special so I have to identify her Mama, see Sandie?

salemslot9 said...

like when a kitten
will be crying
on the other side
of the fence here
I'm telling their mama
go get em
they eventually find
their way home
we're lucky the
neighbor's dogs
don't get em
touch wood