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Saturday, August 17, 2013

School: Now And Then.

My little grandson, Cody evidently didn't want to go to school that day or didn't want his picture taken on the first day. Is it any wonder with the load he has to carry. He just turned 23 and plans to be married in the spring. I didn't go to school until I was six and probably only had to take a tablet and pencil and maybe some paste. Gee how times have changed. I lived in the country and had to walk about a block (no not miles in the snow) to catch the bus. Sometime I even went to school barefoot. I'm sure that wouldn't have been permitted at my grandson's school at Fort Hood, Texas. The amount of school supplies they have to take now and even when my grandson was a student amazes me. Just look at that bag. The news station today was giving instructions as to how a school bag should be worn at a certain point on the back with two straps and one across the stomach. it should weigh a certain amount according to the child's weight. When I was in first grade the teacher told us to be sure to wear our shoes the next day as we were going to have our picture taken in our Rhythm Band cloak and in the paper dresses we had for a play. Guess who forgot to wear her shoes along with two other girls. I was short so I had to be on the front row with my feet shining. At that time our school only had one two story building and being from the country that looked like the biggest building I had ever seen and it may have been. I didn't even know how to tie my shoes. Probably because I didn't wear them most time. Maybe that is why I won't go barefoot now. I cannot stand grit on the bottom of my feet.


jack69 said...

Boy, you sure hit it with this one. It is amazing the instructions and STUFF required.
Instructions for everything.

Ah, but I bet you were a cute little barefoot girl!!!! I wonder do they still have rhythm bands. I thought they were neat!!! Love from Tennessee

jack69 said...

I must be slipping, how long has that header picture with the tree stand been up? I like it.

TexWisGirl said...

that is SUCH a cute photo! especially since it is a number of years ago. :)

life was simpler once. :) i still love to go barefoot, though.


the kids today do have lots to carry to school. Those backpacks are heavy for sure. Barefoot in school is something I've never been. But it sounds like fun.

Terri said...

I just bought school supplies for my grandkids and I have decided that what they have to have is just plain ridiculous. I have a suspicion that half of it is for those who bring nothing. Who needs 125 pencils?

Lynne Islynne said...

LOL, that photo is too precious for words. Love it!

I barely remember my early years of school, but my first school experience was actually in Beeville, Texas. I just remember two things, I loved the smell of the new books and there was this lil boy that sat in front of me with red hair that literally cried everyday. Poor lil man. I think he grew out of it, but he sure let everyone know he was not happy to be there, lol.