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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Which Critter Dares To Live Under My House?

I have some pretty flowers blooming in my front flower bed. I don't know their name but they have done so well all summer until Susie decided to use them for a soft, cool bed, since they are near where the A/C water drains. There is a big round sunk-in place where she has made a nest, but I noticed yesterday she has deserted her bed. Now while going back and forth getting the boxes my old computer came in so I can give it all to the renters since they have four half grown kids and only one computer. I noticed something has burrowed a large hole under my house right next to where Susie was sleeping. I'm anxious to find out which critter is living under my house. I'm thinking skunk since that is what we have seen most often in the neighborhood. I wouldn't think Susie would be afraid of it because  John once saw her walking beside a skunk. John thinks it's an armadillo but I don't think so, as we have never seen one around here only on the highway near the ranch as roadkill. I'll be watching that hole and hoping it doesn't confront me one night in the dark.


Jon said...

I'm not sure whether I'd want an armadillo or a skunk under my house. Skunks usually come in my yard late at night. They enjoy eating the cat food.

So now I understand your problem - - it's a battle with Windows 8. I've heard that a lot of people hate Windows 8 and are having trouble with it.
You can try a Google search for a Windows 8 tutorial, but I don't know if it will be of much help.
Good luck!

jack69 said...

I am thinking a wandering Armadillo that has heard Pauline feeds well. She will show herself soon. LOL

I like the idea of Susie being like her MAMA Paula, friendly, even with Skunks.

Love from NC
Best of luck with the computer.... You will master it.

TexWisGirl said...

i'm not really keen on either of those two near the house. :) maybe it's just a big bunny - heard you feed pellets. :)

S. J. Qualls said...

Hmm, we had something that dug a home under our central unit. I could hear it banging and was afraid it would find a way inside. DH found the entrance hole and filled it with big rocks. It is either trapped (and dead) under there or he filled it while it was gone. No smell, so it must have been gone. We never did hear it again and have no idea what it was. Glad our visitor is gone. We were thinking either skunk or armadillo too.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope it is just a rabbit too!

Lucy said...

So you did master 8. I am happy that you did. You have a really nice blog. I don't know if Jean ever did or not but she is one not to give up, either. I will be 84 in Nov. If this goes, I will to. If I did as they want and downloaded IE like they did before, I would be stuck with windows 8. Plus I would have to pay for it. Unless they have relaxed their policy.


I do not think I would like a skunk close by, especially at night.

Lynne said...

I don't think I'd care for any critters living near or under my house, lol.

Bill Dowd@Skedaddle said...

Have you finally discovered the unwanted inhabitant, Paula? You can just destroy its nesting hole, but I would probably do it your way, too, and wait 'til I confirm what kind of critter it is. Covering up the hole immediately wouldn't shoo it away for good. It would just lead the skunk or armadillo, whatever it is, to find a different spot around your house. Don't hesitate to call for wildlife control professionals once you learn what it is.