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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Cow Mama's Love

The black birds were still at the ranch this morning. Not everywhere, just behind the house and at the cattle pens. Their noise is almost deafening. I hope they settled down for the night so the renters could get some sleep. The rabbit food was gone but I didn't see it anywhere in the area it frequents. John has decided it would be for Josie's (blind calf) best interest to take her to market. Mama cow number 12 had other ideas. She seemed to know what was up. She kept Josie at a distance from the pens as John was penning one large calf (whose Mama didn't seem to care). We could see them standing and watching but not coming up to beg for cubes. I wish he would just let her live her life out there roaming wherever she wants to go and doing whatever she wants to do. John thinks her Mama will wean her soon and if she grows up and has a calf herself she can't see how to take care of it. I think instinct would take over and with her keen hearing and smell she would raise it then her baby would lead her around. Who am I to say, I've never owned a cow in my life?


TexWisGirl said...

awww. well, we knew the day would come... *sigh*

jack69 said...

Nature is amazing and cruel at times. I just read on Chatty about a blind guy who was a lawyer then an opera singer.

But animals, they live and they die and no one records their efforts (as a rule). But we all know about Josie now, thru YOUR efforts.

Yeah, even up here in NC, it hurts to think of the decisions that must be made. Sometimes life ain't easy!


Sad about Josie.