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Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Fed Everything Including The Chiggers

How can they crawl sight unseen to higher parts and not itch until you walk in the door? Why do they love me and not John? I've always heard put clear fingernail polish on them. Never tired it but just did and the itching has stopped. I followed John down into the dry creek bed under the bridge to check the water gap and move a little trash out of the fence line that had washed down from the big rains. I had time to look in every hole and look up at every tree. Wonder why certain pieces of junk was in places. Study a few old cow bones and look at the cars flying by on the farm-to-market road up above. Smell the fresh air and breath deeply and be thankful for the wonderful weather we're having. Yes it's Sunday and God is in church but he was also with me exploring nature and admiring his handiwork and being thankful, always thankful.


jack69 said...

Don't know any explanation for the Chiggers, but I have plenty experience scratching them from Black Berry picking as a kid. LOL

Yep, it is good to get out and just take some time with nature.

From South CArolina

TexWisGirl said...

love it. that's my kind of worship. :) except for the chigger bites. :)

Jon said...

I never knew what chiggers were until I came to Texas. They plagued me constantly in San Angelo and Odessa.....but strangely enough I've never had them here in Brownfield.

I used to put rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on them - - but they still itched.


I hate those pesky little things.

Chatty Crone said...

They love you because you are so sweet.

Dar said...

chiggers there must be like our
no-see-ums (noseeums) up here. You don't know they're around til they bite ya., and they leave a little blood spot besides the itch.
Sounds like we both went to Cowgirl Church today. I walked around outside after the drizzle stopped, just to smell the fresh air.
Life's a Wonder

Lynne said...

Chiggers are terrible from what I hear...never had an experience and hope to never have one, lol. I was thinking of clothing attire might be why John may be more protected? Hope they have stopped itching!

Lucy said...

Oh chiggers!! I told my grandson between wild hogs, red ants, chiggers nd to many to mention, I will stay in Ne. God is always with us and in Texas he needs to be.

Kath said...

Never heard of Chiggers Paula,but I know enough about itching with those pesky mosquito's when I visited Texas,They just loooove me Grrr..It cost my Son quite a lot of dollars to get me to a clinic, for an injection and meds.They drove me round the bend almost.I have Googled chiggers as I ws curious to learn more about them and come up with a site which states nail varnish is not the answer for the itch.I'll send you the link in an e.mail.I hope you feel better soon from the itching (OUCH) LOL!! Nothing like the smell of Fresh Air it's wonderful,especially on the grasss after rainfall.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Chiggers are the worse! I hate your suffering from those creatures.
In answer to your comment I am very very familiar with Leander. My son built a new house out there. Wish I were spending my Thanksgiving there.
Maybe we can meet sometime when we are both in the area

Mike said...

Had many a chigger in my day. But,not in a long time, now.