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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Can We Claim Fame?

It isn't even noon yet and we've already packed some green tea, cups of ice, paper towels. Went to Poteet to buy tamales. Came back here to our town and went to the park to eat under a nice shade tree. John doesn't know how to stay and breath in the fresh air and relax a while so we're home and the TV is on, not to mention the computer of course. Anyway while at Poteet I was reading their new colorful changing sign claiming George Strait as their very own. I think he was born there, possibly at the little hospital which still stands. So I'm saying we ate tamales from the birthplace town of George Strait.


TexWisGirl said...

yum! tamales!!! you made my mouth water!

Dar said...

hot tamales, tea under a shade tree sounds nice. Our 2nd snowfall is finally gone after a week of hanging around in the cold...I'd rather be under the shade tree with the warm sun sneaking through the branches to warm my back.
George Strait's hometown, sweet~
I understand the impatience to breath the fresh Bill is just like your John.
Life is Still Pretty Great

jack69 said...

Sure go ahead and claim it. I used to claim to be from near Randy Travis' home until he started running around nekkid to buy cigarettes, so I don't mention it any more. LOL
Most of us boys are like John, but I am trying to learn better....
Good post!


I love tamales. Can't get them here. Sounds like you had a nice meal.

Jon said...

I love tamales, I like George Straight, and having a park picnic under a shade tree is nice!

Lynne said...

Pretty cool beans, or tamales!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Yes I do remember reading that's where our Texas born George is from.
I would love to see his ranch.
Gosh homemade Tamales sound so good right now.
Our cold front is here now and Brrr is it cold outside. lol
Thank goodness I can take the day off.