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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

John's Brand

I've been trying to get a good picture (as good as my cheapy camera gets) of John's brand. Sorry this is a terrible picture and it's hard to make out the brand but it is J (without the cross at the top and O. He likes this brand because there are no connections and the brand comes out clearly most times and heals better on the cow. I caught her ready to get a drink but by the looks of her she should have been taking a bath. She just had a baby and we have two other new babies. There is a steak house in Devine, Texas that displays brands of area farmers and ranchers. We were surprised to find John's among at least 100 or more others. They display them each on a small varnished board with the man's name or the ranch name, his brand, and where he is from. We have company again. We aren't good host so I don't know why they all come to see us. Maybe because we are good listeners. John's sister (not the one who stays a month at a time) from Alaska. She isn't spending all her time here as she came to hog and deer hunt on another sister's ranch. She called this morning to tell us she got about an 80 pound hog. We'll be good listeners later today when she comes here to tell us all about her hunt and the one that got away. Oh and look for the brand high on her hip near her tail.


TexWisGirl said...

your last line made it sound like you were going to look for john's sister's brand. :)

Paula said...

You don't miss a thing, do you TexWisGirl? I'm laughing my head off. I didn't even think how that sounded. Very often I type before I think and I never write my entries ahead of time. Maybe I should.

jack69 said...

i LIKE IT!!!! Anyway you done well with the shot. I had been hoping to see the brand since we met John and talked about his brand. I think that is 'Old West' to me, a man having his own registered brand.

Shucks, dat is just cool.


I think the photo is good. And you can see the brand just fine.

Dar said...

I enlarged your photo by clicking on it and found the brand easy...nice. I love that he has his own and that it's on the 'list' for all to see. That's pretty cool.
We just butchered 3 domestic hogs, each weighing nearly 300 lbs. Lots of chops and roast in the freezer.
About that hole you fell in, ah, kinda like hitting a bull-hole going quick across ranch land. We hit one of those once and I had a bump on my 'noggin' for weeks.
Ain't Life a Laugh

Jon said...

I'll be waiting to see a picture of John's sister's brand (that's so funny!).

I enlarged your photo so I could see John's brand on the cow. I think it's a nice idea for the local brands to be displayed at the steak house.

Good listeners always get the most company and have the most friends.

Lucy said...

Paula, thanks for your kind comment. Holidays always brings back to many memories. I like your picture. We are not good hosts either Paula, and right now until we get the go ahead for Spunky to do stairs we have the cushions to our couch so he can get up there and sleep on the bed of the couch. Joe sprung it on me last night that he thought Spunky was going to always need them on the floor, I sort of came unglued.