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Monday, December 9, 2013

It's That Season

We got our first 2014 calendar today. Of all places, from John's doctor. First time I ever saw a doctor give out calendars. I like calendars and have one in every room except the bathroom. I like the pretty different seasons of the year calendars, cats, owls, old barns. I was a hoarder with calendars until I watched that show then threw them away with tears in my eyes. I had an idea of something to use them for but I'm not able to follow up on it so, zip I threw them in the garbage and didn't look back. I buy one large calendar to hang near my desk and computer. The others are gimme calendars from the bank and feed store and any place else who offers them. Being a country town many of them are western or country scenes. Right now there is a large white owl keeping an eye on me. I so don't want to throw that calendar away. Don't tell me to frame the pictures. I already have and you can only hang so many pictures on your walls and not look like crazy lady. Wow! I just love this time of year when we get new calendars. It's even better then a New Year's Eve party. Humm I'm thinking where could I hang a tractor calendar in the bathroom to match my shower curtain with little tractor hooks.


TexWisGirl said...

funny, i just went around the house today and hung the 2014 calendars in place behind the dec 2013 page. :) i've had some calenders here since august (from the nature and charity places).

jack69 said...

Hey the tractor calendar is a good idea. We have room for one hanging calendar. and each of us keep a personal calendar. Sherry writes so small you need a magnifying glass, but she keeps our whole life in that little sucker.

Picture calendars are nice. I used to give them out with a house picture and the plans of houses we built. It used to be some of the best advertisement, but the newer generation uses the iphone for everything.
Love from here good entry.


You sound like me. I LOVE calendars.

Jean said...

Just made me think I need to go to the Credit Union and get some 2014 calendars. I always get Sheila some. We hang one on the end of the cabinet and half the time forget to turn it over. Lol.


You have morphed into a stand up comedian. And I LOVE it.

this is so funny. Tell me, if your tractor calender has any sunflowers in the background, you can always find some sunflower hooks for your shower curtain and there you have it!! Matching set.

Lynne said...

I have received a few compliments on a few framed "photos" in my office at work. They were taken from calendars, LOL. Love them, too.

Sheila Y said...

Yes I like the calendars Mom (Jean) gets from the credit union. They are the right size and they have a spiral binding so they hang better. I hang up one where I put doctors appt and such on, the other I keep up with bills and such that needs to be paid. It stays with my billing and banking stuff.
Frame'em and switch them out with the ones already on the wall when you feel a need for a change. Take care and stay warm, Sheila