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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Okkkay Who Is This Commander Duck?

I would presume it is something connected with Duck Dynasty. I would never have thought I would be wearing clothes connected with that show. Don't watch that show, don't really know what it is about. Turned it on once and it didn't seem to be my cup of tea. The thing is one of John's daughters-in-law gave John and I each a jogging suit for Christmas. On top of that the sizes were too large. Is this a hint or what? She was nice enough to leave the receipts in the gift so we could return them. Since our church doesn't have service between Christmas and New Year we decided to sneak in to San Antonio to return them. We aren't into jogging suits, we're more the jeans and tee shirt type so we wanted to pick something we would like and use more. Now I know why she bought such large sizes. Clothes sizes have changed, everything is slinky thin and fits close to the body. I never cared for this store and didn't want to have to go back so I was determined to find something. John was ready to go when he checked out the first price tag but we looked until my legs were ready to buckle. He finally found a pair of jeans in his size and likes them fine when he tried them on. Now by golly I'm going to come out of this store with a garment. That's where the ducks come in. Duck tee shirts in several bright colors. So I chose two with a penny left on my gift card which they insisted on  and only to their store. John fared better with a little over six dollars left on his card. Is this a racket or not? Will we know where these cards are when we go back maybe a year from now? Yes I will give them to a younger person who wears slinky clothes. In the mean time if you see me running from the big black bull in the field it means he doesn't like Commander Duck.


jack69 said...

You are hilarious! I know what you mean about the Ducky folks. I see the name in stores and on the internet but have never watched and don't know much about them. But I bet you are cute in the slinky stuff! The cows will love them! (I don't know about the turtles, but you can out run them!)

Love ya!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

LOL Sorry you had to deal with exchanging a gift. Like you I tried watching their show once but was not for me either.
It seems clothes now of days are not for us should I say women over thirty. I need a new pair of jeans but the thought of trying to find one that fits me is something I keep putting off.
I have missed blogging but my computer and other things have kept me from posting.
I do hope to get back into it but I will have to purchase a new lap top to enjoy it. Mine has just about done it's last post.
Just wanted to come by and say hello and to wish you a very Happy New Year.

TexWisGirl said...

i've never watched 'em but know who they are.


Glad you got something you liked instead.


LOL...okay, I guess I don't watch this either, 'cause I have no clue to who Commander Duck is?!! And I ask, 'do I wanna know?'

Hey....I'm a jeans/t-shirt gal too!!!

Glad y'all found something. And the gift card rip-off is something else, don't get me started.

Lucy said...

I don't watch that show either and don't intend to. That is just so unappealing with all the beards. I was never comfortable in jeans but winter I wear sweat pants and shirts and in summer light weight slacks and tops. Hope you have a Happy New year.

Jon said...

I agree with you about Duck Dynasty. I watched it once and it's not my cup of tea, either.

You're right about clothes sizes changing. Everything is made skin-tight nowadays.

Donna said...

Just about the time I was starting to watch the duck show, they stirred up all this mess. Now I don't care if I ever see it again.

Lynne said...

I guess since I'm not into hunting, and the duck dynasty cast looks like hunter types, I have never watched it. How's that for a reason, LOL. Anyway, glad you were able to make some use out of the gift exchange!