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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sounds Of Christmas

Its almost Christmas and all through the day children have been practicing what to Santa they will say.

Mom is out shopping in the crowded shops, walking and shopping about ready to drop.

The tree is decorated and the cards all mailed. Twinkling lights on the porch have been nailed.

It's so quiet and still as the snow drifts down (not in south Texas). Carolers voices making a musical sound.

The reindeer are prancing and pulling at the rein, just waiting for Santa to come down the lane.

Little elves have painted the sled bright red, waiting for the children to go to sleep in their bed.

The first stop will be at our grandchildren's place, they will be sleeping with a little smile on their face.

Santa knows they will leave a real good snack, he can eat and drink while he adjusts his pack.

Then he will check his list to see who else has been good. The reindeer are ready to go as he knew they would.

Dad is yawning as he comes down the stairs, to have the best Christmas yet, he really cares.

Santa and elves take care of your self, start making new toys to put on the shelf.

Groom the reindeer and feed them well, until next year when we hear your bell.

Pauline Lieck


Jon said...

What a wonderful poem for Christmas Eve! Thanks for sharing it - - and I hope your holiday is a great one (with no snow to shovel....).

TexWisGirl said...

laughed at the clarification that snow does not fall in s. texas. :)

merry christmas to you and john!


Loved it. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy.

jack69 said...

Just the treat for a Christmas Eve. THANKS.


Chatty Crone said...

Sounds like you are starting to have a great Christmas. Merry Christmas to you!

jack69 said...

Just as sweet on Christmas Day. Nice


Pauline...this is so fantastic!!! I love it. Your talent for composing is terrific.

Hope your Christmas was a good one. I'm supposed to be on a blogging break, but had to pop in to write about the Christmas Terrorist from yesterday. LOL

Hope you have a great week ahead.

Lucy said...

Just great. Hope you had a good Christmas. Ours turned out to be just right.