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Friday, March 14, 2014

Guess Who Had A Baby?

Remember number12? The cow that had a blind and somewhat deformed calf last year? She was blogged about, special fed, checked on until you were probably sick of hearing about her. Her baby was named Josie and number12 was such a good mother. Now she has a new baby. I haven't seen it, but  according to John it is okay, not blind and is normal. Don't know why Josie was born that way. John is still burning pear every other morning but the grass is greening up. As soon as it gets a little taller  the cows will go to it and leave the pear so John can stop that hot hard job. The cows have come through the winter nicely. The turtles have stayed in the mud with the cold and wind. Hope to start feeding them soon. John says he saw a lot of cotton tails in different areas. I guess I need to sprinkle out the pellets and feed more or them. I lost my "one time use camera" almost full of pictures. I was highly let down when I didn't find it last time I went out to the ranch. You know how I think I have a talent for finding lost things. Unless I left it on the seat of the truck and someone picked it up. John lost his binoculars that way. The big John Deere and the  little David Brown tractors will be going to a new home soon. John gave them to his son and daughter. I guess there has to be a start to the winding down process. He still wants to ranch one or two more years except when someone runs through the fence. We need rain badly, but the stock tank is full and the water well still works.


jack69 said...

Well congratulations to #12. I am glad the calf is normal. the stories and tales of Josie were fun, and interesting to see how she learned to get by.
All the tales from Texas and the ranch are interesting.
BUT PAULA, TEXAS IS A BIG PLACE AND YOU CAN'T FEED ALL 'EM ANIMALS!!! LOL We do love to hear about it though.


How exciting that Josie's mom has had another baby. I am glad this one is alright.

TexWisGirl said...

glad she had a healthy new baby.

Dar said...

Good for #12. She's had lots of practice and will be a good mama again.
Did you maybe loose your camera down the crack of the truck seat??? I've done that more times than I remember.
I hope you get the needed rains this spring but for now, the cows have John to thank for food.
So ya got yerself a ticket? Dear girl, I know that feeling too~!
Glad you had a good wedding tho it coulda been wet!
As for collections, I have way too many but the one I like the most is of my oil lanterns and my lamps.
I think I'm all caught up now...
til next time. Have a nice weekend...I hear parts of TX are getting rain. May it come your way

Optimistic Existentialist said...

A new life welcomed to the world - what a beautiful thing :)

Cindi said...

at a gurl #12...yay.
We live on a lake canal, we have lily pads, back by the dock, and tons of turtles, the babies lay on top of the lily pads, every time I try to get a pic, they're too quick for me to snap a pic...I need the Turtle

Lucy said...

SO A NEW BABY IS BORN. Glad it is normal.My live writer quit working. Don't think I will have to much trouble getting used to it. I feel like my mind is running like crazy to catch up with my body.....Or vicea versa. Have to look at bills. yuck.

Helen said...

So glad that this baby is normal.

Donna said...

The cows and horses here are spending more time back in the pasture, even though I can't see that much green back there.