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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hummingbird Watch

The hummingbirds usually arrive here March 15th. I almost forgot the date and didn't put the colored sugar water out until up in the morning. I've been watching for them and they are a no show. Last year they came a few days early so maybe they did this year and there was nothing for them to eat. Hope they didn't miss their bus. I got to see number 12's baby for a minute. It doesn't look anything like it's sister Josie. Number 12 nudged it on the head and started walking off. The calf followed. She didn't need us with this calf so she didn't want us around it while it's so young. Six turtles came swimming across the stock tank when I called them. It was a pretty sunny day. John has been seeing a lot of cotton tails and the young man who is fixing up the farm house to live in said he has seen lots of them. All I ever see is one. Left pellets for them today in the usual spot. The young man Ryan was out so we got to meet his new baby boy Weston and his mother-in-law from Ohio. The burning of pear (cactus) for the cows to eat was new to her. I gave her a ride down the lane to where her car was parked. Enjoyed the chat with her. Maybe she will move down here to be near her little grandson. She said they hope to have the farm house ready to move in by summer but that remains to be seen. Ryan has a full time job with the oil field so his time to work on it is limited. Hope the hummingbirds arrive tomorrow and aren't too tired to perform their antics for us.


jack69 said...

Glad you saw the new calf to report. But maybe the hummers did miss the bus, but they won't disappoint for long (MAYBE). Amazing how animals can keep a schedule.
they have something in their brain I don't i sure won't know where I am next march 15th hahahaha.


Put out food. they will come, whatever the date. I LOVE hummingbirds just like you do.

TexWisGirl said...

i was thinking about the hummers this week, too, wondering when they'd come. guess i better get at least one feeder up just in case. after the wind dies down today.

Lucy said...

Finally feel good enough to read some blogs and comment. What is this about a speeding ticket.young lady!!!! Your hummingbirds will come I bet. We had snow on the ground this morning. Not much but it is about gone. I took a picture of it since you have had mostly cold. I will post it one of these days.

troutbirder said...

Here hoping they stick around. I have the same problem with the orioles. If I time the grape jelly and oranges right they stay. If not it bye bye...:)

shirl72 said...

I have no idea when time for the Hummers to come. Guess I better
get my water ready.

Thanks for sending Mama the traps.
I will tell her to be on watch.
Getting through to her is almost
impossible. She is always trying
to keep up with her neighbors.

Mike said...

We're setting up a smorgasbord for the hummers this year. Hopefully, we'll get to see more than 2 at a time.

Wendy said...

Pauline I still don't have any hummingbirds and I've had the big feeder full since March 1st, really strange if you ask me!