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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rabbits Have Manners

Hopper was so cute this morning. He/she was waiting patiently this morning at the exact spot where I feed it. When I walked up with the pellets he/she backed off the cement to let me put the feed out then it hopped back on the cement and began eating. I stood there watching and talking to it. When it finished it stepped off the cement to wash it's face. I'm sure this is the same one that comes up to eat even though there are lots of rabbits in this area between the cattle pens and the farm house. I wish the rabbits and turkeys would have  been close to the house when we lived out there for fourteen months I may still be living there. It can't be just because of the drought because it was one that year too. The field in front of the house was plowed up so when the wind blew the sand came in under the door, around the windows and air conditioners. It was so hard to keep the house clean. Now that same field is green with grass where John irrigates to make the grass green for cows to eat. I did get to sit on an old piece of farm equipment late in the afternoon to watch deer go to the stock tank to drink water. I wanted to put a deer feeder out side the bedroom window but John said no because people would be shooting at them from the farm to market road.


TexWisGirl said...

sweet little trusting bunny. :)


It's a shame about feeding the deer. But he's probably right. That bunny is so cute, especially the way it waited for you.

jack69 said...

You are one cool lady. Amazing that in a few months you about have them eating our of your hand.
You make the trip out to the ranch seem fun.
Yeah, they have proven some shooters will try for a deer not paying any attention to the surroundings. Better safe that sorry in that respect.
I did get the deer up at Lake Madina to eat out of my hand. Amazing to me, but they are about tame there.
Another good one!

Chatty Crone said...

That is really sweet how you feed the deer - just don't get shot yourself! lol

S. J. Qualls said...

Sweet little rabbit, he/she seems to have become dependent on you. Rabbits make good pets. Years ago, I had a Lilac, it was potty trained, lived in the house, and watched TV with us.


...oh to sit and watch the deer and feed the rabbits!! You live a perfect life in the eyes of your blog readers. A bit of heaven in TX.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

So awesome how that bunny has grown to trust you and love you Paula! I must sense your kind heart :)