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Saturday, November 22, 2014

An Odd Recovery Period

Anyone here ever know anyone to have this surgery and if so how did it come out? John has Macular Degeneration. He has been having the shots in his eye. They say it is helping but John doesn't notice  a difference at least not yet. Now they want to do a surgery and I don't know the name. It sounds like an odd recovery to us and one that we don't think he can handle being a nervous person anyway. For one solid week he will have to keep his head down, his nose pointing to the floor even to sleep. If he forgets and puts his head up it can damage the surgery. He will have the surgery to put a weight in his eyelid so his eye closes at night (that is probably from Bell's Palsy he had several years ago). His eye not closing is allowing germs or dust or whatever to cause infection. His son suggests he go ahead with that surgery and the shots and make the big decision about the other surgery later on. Oh the joys of getting older. As for me my blood platelets have gone down three more points. The low dose steroids are not working so I'm quitting them since they can cause eye, bone, and no telling what other problems. So for now no treatments, just rest when I get tired and do the best I can. If I ever start bleeding I will have to be pumped with steroids and have my spleen taken out. Our whine for the year, pull our selves up by the boot straps and do the best we can with what we have left.


TexWisGirl said...

shoot, some blogger i follow mentioned an eye surgery where she had to keep her head down for some point of time, but i can't remember who it was. perhaps it was similar to john's situation. i hope someone can provide some guidance for you.

S. J. Qualls said...

Coming up empty for help with this.

Yes, I agree, all we cane do is our best. Getting old really blows.

jack69 said...

I have never heard of the surgery, but I know a couple guys who get shots, seems to be on a regular basis, but I am not sure. I now Dar's hubby Bill has problems with one eye and If I am not mistaken the shots were a great help.

I can say one thing about what John is saying. He says he doesn't see any difference, then that is what it is, NO ONE can see WHAT YOU see thru your eyes. I have the same problem with my ears, the Doc will say now you can hear much better. I CAN? WOW I didn't KNOW THAT? No one can hear what I hear, it is impossible.

But you are right sweetheart, we must do what we can and decide the best we know how. Sometimes life is a crap shoot!
Prayers for Bro John, and hope he does not have to have surgery. Also hope you don't have to get pumped full of steroids.

Donna said...

Some of the health decisions we have to make are SO hard. Who really knows what to do?

Jean said...

It is really hard to make a health decision, and sometimes it makes me wonder if they know if it will work. We had to make quite a few with Grover these pass few years and he come out doing better, but when it comes to me. I really don't think I would have done it for myself. I wish I knew something about this and could help. I hope the best for John. Take care. Jean


Too often we take our health for granted. I hope whatever happens you will both come through, okay. You are in my prayers.

salemslot9 said...

I'm a nervous person, too :/

I said prayers
for you
& your John

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Keeping his head down for a solid week?? That's crazy! How do they expect a person to be able to do that even when sleeping?

Manzanita said...

Dear Paula
That sounds like a tough one. I do not know any one who has had that surgery. I take a daily supplement for my glaucoma..... ProDHA Eye. I get it at Amazon and many of the comments claim it's helping their macular degeneration and was recommended by their eye doctor. I know many of the Amazaon comments are paid but you can kind of determine which ones are.
good luck to both of you.


I am never one to jump 'into' took me 15 years to make up my mind to go ahead with my heart operation. Now, after it worked wonders, I kick myself for waiting too long.

But thing is, it's MY part of MY body and even if the surgeons say it works for 99 per cent of the patients...I could be the OTHER per cent.

Take your time making decisions, do research, talk with other doctors...there may be another way of fixing it. Y'know?