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Friday, November 21, 2014

Tires Can Be Stressful

How long are tires supposed to last anyway? Mine are eight years old, came on the truck when I bought it new. They are telling me lack of maintenance is the reason my tires went bad. I look at them and they don't look flat or low so I didn't worry. They say I should have been checking them with a gauge. Knew my doctor appointment in San Antonio would keep me late and cause me to drive home alone after dark so I had to have new tires YESTERDAY. Of course they didn't have my size so they had to order them but they could get them and put them on. So it was a waiting game for the truck and then wait until my turn to have them installed. I'm not a shopper so I talked to other people who waited but not as long as I did. Did you read the book about the girl who lived in Walmart? I kind of felt like that girl and thought I should find a comfortable spot and just take a nap.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, i hate waiting at the dealership or oil change or any auto place! hope the new tires last a long time!

S. J. Qualls said...

8 years? I take it you don't drive very much. No, tires need to be rotated and checked - they are different in the hot and cold. I let somebody else check them.
I hate WalMart.

Chatty Crone said...

I love WalMart. Did you see any funny looking people? Did you join their super saver program - where if they find a cheaper price they will give you money back?

Paula said...

S.J.Qualls they do get checked when I have the oil changed and I do that on time. I drive John's vehicles most time.
No Chatty I didn't join that. Not that many stores out here to compare with.

jack69 said...

I think you have the idea. If you have to wait, take a nap!
I once was told by a brake man, "Sir i wouldn't drive these tires 50 miles, one is going to blowout." He wasn't selling tires. My smart alec answer was, "They look good tome there is a half inch of tread on them! I will drive the Motor Home until they blow out." He was pointing out the weather cracks.
Well I showed him, I got a hundred miles before one blew. LOL It cost a bunch to fix a blowout on the motor home. Now I DO worry about weather cracks! LOL

I learned the weather cracks allow water to get into the steel belts and rust them, causing them blow out.
Now I hope all it well in Texas...


I guess it's easy to take tires for granted. I'm glad you are getting yours replaced.

Linda Kay said...

Paula, my hubby kind of watches over our tires, and they usually make it to around 40,000 miles. But they can also wear down with exposure to sun, etc. Sorry you had to wait it out in Wally World.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Like you Paula I take my tires and other things around here for granted. I don't mean to be that way but too much happening all the time to think about things like my tires. But now you have me thinking I need to. Hate hate waiting on guys here at our Wal Mart. An oil change one day took hours I was really upset by the time I drove off.
Dealing with all the tractor tires out here keep me so busy too. haha
Gosh I am just going on and on. I have missed you and glad I can come over to this part of Texas and check on you now that I have a working computer. Hope it last as long as your tires. haha
We are getting lots of rain today which I imagine you guys are too.
Christi just dropped her Cocker Spaniel off for me to babysit so it might be a long weekend.
No he is good but my cats don't care for a dog around. Can't imagine why.
Happy Thanksgiving