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This Way To My Blog

Friday, June 26, 2015

Just Us Girls

Come on over to my house, the smell of coffee is strong. A break in the day with a friend can never be wrong.

Lets have a cup of coffee, visit, and chat today. I will tell you my troubles, listen to what I say.

The basis of our friendship is a full coffee urn, about each others feelings we listen and learn.

Lets have a cup of coffee and talk just a while, with tension relieved we can leave with a smile.

Do you want cream and sugar or just take it black? As I lift each heavy mug off the wooden rack.

A small round table with a mug on either side, the trust we have in each other will always abide.

We stir with little spoons and watch the tiny swirls. Isn't it nice to have coffee with just us girls?

You can tell me what is heavy on your heart, then we will have a second cup before we must depart.

We may not solve our problems, but we will feel good. Lets do this coffee thing often, I just think we should.

Pauline Lieck


TexWisGirl said...

i wish i lived near by as i'd love to spend a morning sipping and talking with you. :)

LV said...

I would certainly enjoy having a cup of coffee with you. Not much I do not like. You said it very nicely too.

S. J. Qualls said...

I miss going for coffee at a friends.
It is a special time, yep.

jack69 said...

Sweet, I can just see Sherry and her two sisters... But no longer. She sure misses 'Just us girls'.
I like the poem.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I adore your poem, Pauline!! It's so natural and so true about how friends visit over coffee. If you were closer I'd bring us a sour cream cake to have with that coffee!!
Life & Faith in Caneyhead


Love this post Pauline...
You're quite the poet! And such a wonderful way to chat with you!!!

Since it's so hot these days, I'll take an iced tea
Adding a spot of lemon twist to quench our thirst
in our rocking chairs on the porch...just you and me
We're friends and comrades, foremost and first...


A sweet poem for sure. Do you mind if I have tea when I visit with you?

Kathy said...

Plenty of cream andjust a tiny bit of sugar, please! I'll bring the cookies.

Manzanita said...

Very, very nice. I like the idea of the girls. I always think of my hens when I hear "the girls." They behave almost human. I do love coffee and the smell drives me wild but I deny myself that pleasure because I would then be addicted again and headaches galore when I try to quit. Enjoy this beautiful week end and also your coffee.

Jon said...

A very enjoyable poem, Paula. Warm, wonderful, and inviting.