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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Never Too Old To Learn A New Trick

I guess I wouldn't be considered a short order cook, but a short cut cook. I've made pineapple upside cake and I like crushed pineapple with cottage cheese but did I ever buy a fresh pineapple and try to figure out how to peel it? No, I didn't, I bought canned pineapple. John is having some surgery on his eye the first week in September. I've heard of people having a weight put in their eyelid and originally that was what he was having but after seeing a new doctor he wants to lift the lower  skin under his eye so it closes properly when he sleeps. They say his best eye doesn't close all the way at night and it can get infected sooo in reading all the instructions for prep for the surgery he is supposed to eat FRESH pineapple to prevent bruising. We just checked them out at Walmart and on the way out he ask the greeter how are we supposed to peel this thing. She said go back to produce and if there is someone there they will core it for you. They did, neat as a pin, and in it's own plastic container. We have  such nice people working at our Walmart. I can imaging me trying to handle that peeling and how it would have looked. Speaking of grocery stores have you ever been to a grocery store with a parking garage and an escalator and an elevator. A friend took me to one in San Antonio yesterday. My goodness I felt like Jed Clampitt come to town.


jack69 said...

hahahahahaha. I remember a super market in Norfolk, VA. It was called the Giant. It was on one level but I felt the same. Row after row of food from around the world and then everything local.. Being from Belmont, NC, Yep, I felt like Jed!!!

Good entry and I hope you get the pineapple done up right... Nice of them to Core it. WE have dressed a couple, but don't remember what we done, but I know we didn't get it cored. That right neighborly!.

S. J. Qualls said...

Eat fresh pineapple for bruising? New one on me, why the difference in consumption of fresh or canned would make a difference. Now - if you applied it to the skin, that could make a difference.

Good luck with John's surgery!

TexWisGirl said...

sure hope the surgery goes well!

Rose said...

Jed Clampitt come to town...that line cracks me up!

I do hope the surgery goes well.

Jon said...

First of all, I hate big parking garages with escalators.
Second, I'm really surprised that they cored the pineapple in Walmart. That was rally nice of them.

I used to make pineapple upside down cake long ago - but I always used canned pineapples. Not as good as fresh ones, but easier.

Jon said...

I meant to say "really", not "rally".

Kathy said...

I would have never thought about Walmart coring pineapples for customers. That's a pretty nice service. I too had never heard of pineapple being good to prevent bruising.

There is a nice Kroger market in Phoenix (where they're called Fry's rather than Kroger but it's still part of their chain) which I usually visit while I'm there. They actually have valet parking and some covered parking. In addition to being really huge, it has a wine bar and a whole department which specializes in nothing but chocolate.

Good luck to John on his upcoming surgery.

Manzanita said...

I imagine one parks in the garage, takes the escalator to the store part and then you must drive up and pick up your groceries from a conveyer thing. Very handy for inclement weather but it sounds like a lot of extra work.
I hope the eye surgery goes well.

Linda Kay said...

Paula, I'm curious as to where that store is in SA. But really, we don't need that big a store probably. Love the local HEB, it has all I need. Good look with the eye surgery. They do amazing things now with eye corrections.

salemslot9 said...

I pray the pineapple
does the trick
on your John's eye

salemslot9 said...

a fresh pineapple spear
in my mai tai
would do the trick

JOHN said...

Thank you for stopping hy and your prayers


LOL on the Jed Clampett reference! That's a good one. I was in one store like that on the island of Oahu. It was an experience.

As for fresh pineapple...I slice the outer layer off and then slice the fruit and serve it just like that...I never have cored them. We just eat around the core. With our fingers most times. Let the juice dribble down our chins.

I didn't know they'd core them for us. I'll have to make sure I remember that.

Hope his surgery goes well. Keep us posted.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I'd have felt like Jed in that store right along with you! I've bought fresh pineapple a time or two. At our Walmart, you'd be lucky if they even showed you where the pineapple was.
Life & Faith in Caneyhead

Beate said...

I loooove fresh pineapple but it's always very messy to peel them on my own. So wonderful they did it for you at Walmart and that they were so helpful :) Good luck to John for his surgery! I'll be thinking of you two next week. I hope you are enjoying an amazing weekend. Lots of hugs to you, Beate

Lori said...

My sister Barbara used to love fresh pineapple and Mom would buy them once or twice a year as a treat (very expensive) and I learned to cut it and peel it from them. I have never been to a grocery store with an elevator and/or escalator. Wow!