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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thinking Of Dogs Tonight

I'm more of a cat person and haven't had a dog in several years but they do amaze me. When we go on our usual hour trek around some country roads past small ranches at some of the gates there will be a dog or two waiting patiently. We presume the owners have gone probably in to town and the dogs are waiting their return. My last dogs were Dolly and her son B.G." Burglar Guard". Dolly was a grey dog with so much hair I had to cut it several times a year. The thing I liked about her is she would never go out of the yard even if the gate was left open. This was a plus when I was doing yard work. We let her have one litter of puppies and kept B.G. that was one out of a bunch. We found homes for the rest. B.G. grew to be a very large dog and was black and white. Mel had made a swing from an old plastic milk case for our grandson. B.G. loved for us to sit him up in the swing and swing him. I do have a picture somewhere. He got so large it was all I could do to lift him up into the swing so his swinging wasn't very often after he was grown. After Mel died I felt I needed to find a home for B.G. because I was going on a lot of trips but felt I needed to keep Dolly as she was getting very old. I found an older man who fell in love with B.G. and when he left with him it was quite a sight with B.G. sitting in the passenger side beside the man driving. It took a lot of Purina Dog Chow to fill these two up. I bought it at a feed store and once when I opened the bag I found a heavy iron part that was evidently a part of a machine Purina used. I took it back to the feed store and told them where I found it and I thought Purina would like to have it back. They looked at me like I was a little weird, guess they thought I was going to complain about something. Not my intention at all. As I said I was just thinking about dogs tonight.


Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Oh, my gosh Paula! You sound so much like me taking the piece os metal back to the store! So cute that B G liked to swing! I knew some teenage boys in high school who had a dog who loved to water ski!
Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

S. J. Qualls said...

I would say you are kind of missing having a dog, just sayin' ...
No matter what, a dog is happy to see you. You can go for the mail or be gone all day.
I can see where a dog would like to swing, if they start out that way as a puppy. You'll have to show us when you chance upon that pic.
Sounds like they were much loved.


i can see that pup swinging on that swing in my minds eye. sure would enjoy seeing the picture too. had to break your heart just a little to say goodbye.

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

I too like cats better than dogs. But like 'em both for pets. I would love to see that picture of B G in the swing. Saying goodbye to an old friend and fur baby is just way too difficult these days. Always has been of course, but MORE so now that I'm older.

Great post Paula.

Belva said...

This is a post with heart but of course all of your posts have that.

Dogs do seem to get under one's skin. I've always had a dog and when they get
old and die, I am devastated. That is how I ended up with a puppy .....which I
didn't want .....but I was looking for an older dog. Most states complain about
all the over-crowded dog shelters but not so here.

Lily just turned one and she is settling down a little. LOL

Jimmy's Journal said...

I like all animals and have a soft heart for any in need. We had a few dogs during my time and i loved them all. The one thing I learned during my time was that big dogs need space to run and play. They also need young owners who can keep up with them. I've got my hands full with two cats.


jack69 said...

I am more a dog person than cats, BUT one plus for cats, when owned by neighbors, they will not keep you awake at night with a non ceasing bark. My first loves in life (after mama) was Bingo a little white dog of questionable parentage and Tom, the cat. I think kids need pets to love and remember! In life and death they teach a lot of FACTS!
Sweet entry by a cat lover! ;-)

salemslot9 said...

I know you
didn't expect anything
but they should
have given you
free dog food
packages usually say
sold by weight
not volume
darn metal
weighed something
plus it could've
been dangerous

Rose said...

Sometimes I will lay and think back about all the dogs we have had...and there are times I would give anything I own to have some of them back...but then I think well, I would just have to give them up again...and I couldn't stand to go through that again. Also had a couple cats I feel the same way about...

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I will admit I sometimes try Not to think of my past animals...makes me a bit melancholy, but I enjoyed your reminiscing anyway.

Lori said...

Very nice post. I'd love to see that picture!

I wonder what the guys at the feed store did with that piece of iron?

As you can imagine, at my house I think of dogs every day....