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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


This is the type of sunflowers we have. They are wild and not good for anything but to look at. The cows don't eat any part of them and they sap the moisture from the grass the cows need. There are many fields of them, but mostly in town. Fields that aren't used right now. If the fields had been plowed the sunflowers wouldn't be there. These sunflowers don't grow large like the one they harvest for bird seed or to eat. Farmers and ranchers dislike them. At one time they grew almost to the back door of the farm house we lived in at the ranch until John got a hold of them with the plow. His cows like to graze in the shade there now.


S. J. Qualls said...

Kind of a nuisance then ... but, pretty!

Rose said...

I bet the wild animals love them, though.

jack69 said...

They are pretty, too bad they aren't goo for feed. I didn't know that there were sun flowers like these until your blog. I thought all sunflowers were good for eating the seeds. BUT it is spring@!

Jon said...

A nice photo that captures the spirit of spring.

When I lived in Texas I used to grow lots of beautiful sunflowers. I planted some here in Tennessee - and so far they haven't even sprouted. Perhaps there's too much rain??


i think your sunflowers are pretty. hearty and very nice to have around.