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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Subject Is Ants

Thanks for the clue Jack, you gave me something to write about. I don't know exactly when the fire ants arrived here but anyone who has been stung by one doesn't forget it. They itch and hurt and burn for days. I really don't know a good remedy for them. Once when it came a flood here John and I decided to ride to the east to where I think it was the San Antonio river crossed. The water was so high we couldn't cross, the road was blocked off by the highway department. We parked and walked as near to the water as we dared. Among the things we saw floating by was a long board loaded with fire ants. When that board found a home I guess the fire ants floating on it did too. When I was growing up the ant that I learned to try to avoid was the Big Red Ant. I was stung many times playing until I got the message to watch for them and avoid them. They hurt so bad and actually made me sick. I don't know if I was allergic or if they do most people that way. These are the ants which the Horny Toad liked to eat. The ranch where John's cows live have Red Ant beds all over. When John first leased the ranch he carried poison in his truck to doctor the beds to try to rid the ranch of them. He thought they would sting the cows and maybe make them sick. When one of the landladies found out she straightened him out on that subject. Don't take away the food of the Horny Toads so he stopped. Now the ants are still there but the last Horny Toad we saw was about five years ago.



i avoid ants at all costs. apparently so should the horny toad.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Those really big red ants that hurt so terribly, we always called cow ants. There have been fire ants everywhere I remember living. Far as I know, best you can do is decrease their number and cause the mound to move. Pete has used every petroleum product and every chemical known to man on them. And then there are the little black sugar ants. That are basically harmless unless they invade your kitchen in search of sweets. And the blasted big black carpenter ants that bore into, eat and live in wood. There is one chemical will kill them.
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Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

Oh I hate those fire ants for sure. I remember seeing a comic strip at one time about Texas and there was a sign posted in the comics that read "Property Protected by Fire Ants". Yes, indeed.

jack69 said...

I do wish the fire ant had a natural enemy, but they don't seem to have. I admire someone who thinks of nature and it's cycle, but there are times I don't see the problem that others do.

Anyway, ants can and are pests. But one thing I am very glad about and that is that 'Fire ants' con't come in houses (as far as I know).

Love to your and Rancher John!

S. J. Qualls said...

Our property is full of fire ants. DH tries to kill them and they just move a few feet. They hurt me some and make me itch. DH swells up and gets blisters when they bite him. They are a major problem around the house.

Belva said...

I find it interesting that the red ants serves it's purpose as food for the Horny Toad. I recently saw a docuentary on the chain of events of nature that took place when the wolves were introduced back into Yellowstone Park. I remember when they were removed but now "good things" began happening due to the wolves existence again.