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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Just Ask The Bird

We do business with  a lady who takes her bird to work with her every day and then home again at night. I taught a parakeet to say two phrases and to wolf whistle when I was young but it took a lot of repeating and repeating to teach it. After my first girl was born I gave up on it because it wasn't smart like the lady's bird. It is a bigger bird and doesn't look like the parrots I've seen. It entertains her customers by changing it's voice and mocking her husband who it hears at home. It knows all the sounds of an office and can repeat them. Such as the staple gun and when the lady is on the phone it knows by what she says when she is about to hang up then it will make the sound of the phone being put in it's cradle. The new assistant told us she was in the office alone one day and was chewing her gum, blowing bubbles, and popping it so the bird started mocking her. I told her if you ever need to ask your boss a question and she isn't here just ask the bird.


♥ Anni ♥ said...

rofl...this post is good! Made me laugh.

Chatty Crone said...

That is a hoot! HOOT!

jack69 said...

Girl you do bring back memories. You are much better than I. I could never get my parakeet to say a word. Some boys told me to get a baby crow and I coule teach it to talk. I did. But the crow never talked either.

Those birds should be called the 'Mocking Bird' Never seen one that smart but have heard of plenty of them.

You always make me think or bring up some memory! THANKS!

Sharon Qualls said...

That's funny!

Lori said...

Very funny! Only one of cockatiels has ever talked, and he doesn't as often now as he used to. If I ever get another bird, it will be a Conure, and I want one that will talk for me.


had to chuckle over this, particularly when you said to ask the bird. i bet you'd get an earful.